How to Get Fuller Lips Naturally: Tips and Products That Work!

Fuller Lips

I wouldn’t be wrong if I titled ‘Fuller lips’ as a new beauty/fashion trend. You can blame the Kardashians or any of the popular stars for this beauty trend. Let us accept the fact that all of us desire fuller and attractive lips. Some women say fuller lips make them look a little more attractive and also increase their self-esteem.

There is no harm in making your lips look fuller or go for fuller lips. However, it is okay if you don’t want to go for some injections or fillers. There are several natural ways to get fuller lips!

Why not make your lips appear fuller if they increase your confidence?  So if you want to know some easiest and simplest ways to have fuller lips, then continue reading.

Here are some natural ways to get fuller lips:

1) Exfoliate:

Exfoliation helps in removing dead cells and makes your lips look fuller. You can exfoliate your lips by using a toothbrush or sugar with coconut oil. Exfoliate your lips thrice a week for better results.

2) Hydrate:

Lips look chapped and lose moisture when your body is dehydrated. So stay hydrated and drink as much as water you can, to make your lips look better. Hydrating yourself constantly will make your lips appear fuller from hydration.

3) Enhance your cupid’s bow:

The little dip on your upper lip is known as Cupid’s bow. You can dab a pinch of highlighter in the middle of your upper lip. Your lips will look bigger and attractive than before.

4) Overline your lips:

You can use the lip pencil or the liner to line your lips and get fuller lips instantly. Overline your lips to get the best yet fuller lips in one of the simplest ways.

5) Lighter lip shades:

Lighter lip shades will help your lips appear fuller and attractive. However, dark lip shades can actually flatten out your lips, making them look smaller. Light lip colors otherwise will make your lips look fuller naturally.

6) Ice cube:

If you want your lips to look fuller instantly then rub ice cubes on your lips for 2 minutes. Then apply lipstick and don’t forget the gloss. Rubbing ice cubes on your lips can make them look fuller in a natural way.

Products that will help you get fuller lips naturally:

1) Kimi Lip Max Lip Plumper:

This is a natural lip plumper. It helps in increasing blood circulation in your lips and let them stay hydrated. This natural lip plumper has ingredients such as bee venom, Manuka honey, vitamin e, and shea butter. It has nutrients that will repair damaged skin and leave your lips smooth as well as enhanced.

2) Dior Addict Lip Plumping Moisturizing Gloss:

The plumping gloss works wonders naturally. This plumping gloss will give your lips an incredible instant volume and amazing shine! You will feel a cooling and a soothing effect rather than the sting like the other lip plumper products. Apart from this, it will moisturize your lips.

Some of the other products that will give you fuller lips are:

  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
  • Organic 101 Natural Lip Therapy
  • Miss Savage Lip Plumper Gloss

So what are waiting for? Try these today and get fuller lips naturally.

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