How to Fill in Eyebrows with a Pencil

Fill in Eyebrows with a Pencil

We all have always dreamt of those perfect eyes, that just stand out on our faces, and make our look more appealing. And, to achieve that look, the first step is brows. Yes. You read that right, brows are just shaped and trimmed,  but hardly given any importance.

Trimming the brows according to your shape of the face, and having a considerably dark and thick brow can change your look multi-fold. But, most of the time, we are short of time and can’t grow hair so quickly on the brows. Here, we present you step by step guide on How to Fill in Eyebrows with a Pencil.
How To Go Ahead?
1. Keep your brows clean and dry.
2. Place the brush/ pencil ( of the same color as the brows) along the nose and get an idea, on where exactly the eyebrows must start.
3. Now, start filling it from that point onwards
4. Keeping the pencil at an angle of 45°, from the nose, mark the point where the brows should ideally end.
5. Start filling the brows with light strokes mimicking the hair.
6. Now, with the help of a small brush, brush the hair according to the brows.
7. After you finish filling the brows, dust it with invisible powder.
8. Now, up your game with some latest eye make up, and sure you are going to make heads turn.
This was a simple step by step guide on How to Fill in Eyebrows with a Pencil. It is one of the quickest yet easiest guide to achieving those full eyebrows. With just a pencil and a brush, you can achieve those dreamy eyes, without much hassle.

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