How to Do Hip Thrusts? 5 Best Exercises to Get A Toned Butt

Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are classic forms of exercises that help in activating and strengthening your glutes. You might be a little surprised to know how hip thrusts and its variations are the only types of exercises that can strengthen your glutes like never before.

Hip thrusts are an advanced form of exercise that will help in toning your butt.

Some of the incredible benefits of doing hip thrusts are:

Hip thrusts can make your butt look a little more firm, round, and stronger than before. This will also help in reduce inflammation and also reduce back pain. Apart from these amazing benefits, hip thrust exercises improve posture and then helps in refining their leg, ankle, knee, and pelvis.

They also help in activating muscle fiber in glutes and provide stability to your lower spine.

Bonus benefit:

Hip thrusts can help you do your squats perfectly and slay those deadlifts.

How to do hip thrusts?

You have to begin by sitting with your shoulder against the bench. Bend your knees and keep your feet as flat as possible. Now, place your arms on the bench while pointing your fingers towards your lower body.

Push your hips towards the ceiling in such a way that your body forms a straight line. Remember, not to raise your feet or shoulders off the floor. Now, slowly squeeze your buttocks together as you thrust your hips up.

After this, slowly lower your hips. Go back to your starting position and repeat this for a few minutes.

Apart from the classic hip thrust exercise, the modern-day has witnessed several variations with hip thrusts exercises. Some of the simple yet different types of hip thrusts exercises are:

1) Double Foot on Floor:

This exercise is exclusively for beginners. Begin by standing on your feet flat on the ground, and your back along with your head flat on the ground.

Now, lift your body from your heels but make sure you lift your butt as high as you can until you feel a sense of intense contraction. Hold in for a few seconds and then go back to your starting position.

2) Double Foot on Bench:

 This is very simple for the ‘double foot on floor’ exercise, all you need is a bench. Begin by placing your feet on an elevated bench, rather than the floor.

As a higher angle is required for your hips to contract, this leads to a stronger contraction. Repeat this for a few minutes for a toned butt.

3) Dumbbell Hip Thrust:

This is a little harder than the previous ones. However, this exercise is going to activate your glutes and help you in getting a toned butt. Begin by lying down on a mat and place the dumbbells on either side.

Keep your feet flat on the ground and ankles right below your knees. Take a dumbbell in your hands and place them right on your pelvic region. Now, push up with your heels.

Raise your hips toward the ceiling and hold in the same pose for a few seconds. Now release, and go back to your starting position. Repeat this on a daily basis for a few minutes and see the changes.

4) Double Foot on Medicine Ball:

This is considered to be a little tougher version of hip thrusts than the previous ones. Begin by placing your feet on the sides of the medicine ball (at about a 45 to 55-degree angle).

Now, lie flat on your back and drive your hips up through your heels. Hold in this same position for a few seconds and do the same for a few minutes.

5) Single-Leg Dumbbell Hip Thrust:

Last but not the least; you cannot miss out on this exercise.  Begin by placing a close-ended wide resistance band above your knee. Hold a dumbbell and sit on the floor with your shoulders against a bench.

Place the dumbbell right above your pelvic area as you extend one leg. Now, push your hips up slowly and lower them after a pause. , pause, and lower your hips.

Thrust your hips once again before going back to the starting position. Repeat the same with the other leg to strengthen your glutes.

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