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How To Deal With Sensitive Skin Bumps?

Sensitive Skin Bumps

People with sensitive skin tend to develop skin bumps. Sensitive skin is the type of skin that is highly reactive towards any kind of external or internal factors.

Sensitive skin is common and people with this type of skin develop redness, itchiness, pimples, bumps, rashes, and even burning sensation.

There two types of symptoms that confirm hyper the sensitivity of your skin.

The visible symptoms include redness, pimples, and bumps whereas the non-visible symptoms of having sensitive skin are burning sensation along with stinging.

There are several factors that influence the sensitivity of your skin. Some of these factors are:

• Temperature changes
• Heat
• Cold
• Wind
• Sun
• Atmospheric pollution
• Intense emotions
• Stress
• Anger
• Spicy foods
• Alcohol
• Fragrances
• Detergents
• Swimming pools
• Calcareous water

Some of the other factors that contribute towards sensitive skin are increasing environmental pollution, dyes, fabrics, chemicals, plasters, and a few hormonal factors.

People who are more likely to have sensitive skin are the ones who already suffer from various skin problems and diseases. Women and babies are more prone to having sensitive skin.

How can you get rid of the sensitive skin bumps?

When a person with sensitive skin comes in contact with various triggers it results in redness, itching, and bumps. These are some of the common developments of a sensitive skin along with burning sensation.

There are a few simple and easy ways to get rid of sensitive skin bumps.

You can get rid of sensitive skin bumps by:

1) Using an Ice pack:

The ice pack will cool down the itch and reduce inflammation. It is good to calm down your skin instantly and get rid of any kind of discomfort.


This is considered to be one of the best ways to get rid of the symptoms of sensitive skin. Apply oatmeal to the area and leave it for a few minutes. Let it dry and wash it off.

It will not only reduce the inflammation but also cool down your burn or irritated area.

3) Moisturizers:

There is nothing as amazing as moisturizers for the skin. Make it a habit to use a suitable moisturizer on a daily basis to get rid of redness, bumps, and itchiness.

Use a good moisturizer as per the recommendation of your dermatologist. You will feel a lot better with these three steps itself.

Apart from these, some of the regular lifestyle or tiny changes in your life that will get rid of sensitive skin bumps and other symptoms are:

· Cleanse your skin and use a foam-based face wash.

· Use chemical-free products and cosmetics that don’t have a lot of chemicals.

· Avoid foods that might trigger your symptoms of hypersensitive skin.

· Avoid going to places where there are sudden changes in temperature or a lot of heat.

· Use natural ingredients to get rid of hypersensitive skin- use tea tree oil, primrose oil, and hazel oil to get rid of hypersensitive skin.

· Include green tea in your diet.

· Avoid hot water baths

· Avoid harsh chemical products

· Pat dry your body instead of rubbing it

· Healthy diet

Visit a dermatologist if the symptoms persist!

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