How To Cover Dark Circles With Makeup


We all have always faced this issue, at one time or the other. Dark circles have always been an issue that not many are able to tackle with. It can be hereditary, lack of sleep or any other underlying cause, that gives rise to the ever irritating dark circles.

There are many long term remedies for this, but here we present you an instant solution on How To Cover Dark circles with Makeup.
One quick and easy way is to use that red or orange lipstick. Yes! You read that right, orange or red lipstick has the magic to cover your dark circles and puffy eyes in a jiffy.
How To Use It?
1. Just take your make up brush, and apply a little red/ orange lipstick on it
2. Brush it under your eyes generously
3.Apply a suitable concealer
4. Now, apply your regular foundation or powder as the last stroke.
5. Blend everything well, with the help of a brush.
6. Finish the look with a basic eye makes up, or contrary, if needed.
7. Your dark circles have vanished now, all thanks to making up.
If you want to try the regular way to conceal the dark circles-
1. Try opting for some under eye creams, these are effective enough if the intensity and darkness is not too much
2.Apply slices of potatoes, cucumber to soothe your eyes before applying to make up
3. Get enough sleep and maintain a  proper diet, in order to avoid dark circles and puffiness.
4. In the end, use a proper appropriate concealer and a foundation that matches your skin tone, blend it well with the skin and pair it up with the latest trend of eye makeup.

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