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How To Count Calories To Lose Weight?

How To Count Calories To Lose Weight_

If you are in the process of lose weight, then it is very important to count your calories so that you will get to know how much calories you have burned.

There are many ways to calculate or count the number of calories in order to lose weight.

First method is called THE HARRIS BENEDICT FORMULA. This is the method which is used to count the calories to lose weight on the basis of your weight, sex and activity. By this method, you will be able to determine your calorie needs daily. It is very necessary for you as when you will get to know about the number of calories you need, you can make your own schedule of your calorie intake in case you want to lose your weight.

If you want to lose your weight fast and quickly, then you should strictly follow your diet plan as well as you should do exercise.


This is the next step you should follow in order to lose your weight. You should always track your calorie intake. You should know what to eat and how much to eat. You should read the labels of the food you are consuming so that you will get to know the food which you are eating contains how much amount of calories you are consuming.

You should be careful about the amount of the calories you are consuming.


You should control your portion sizes so that you will get to know about calorie counting and you will be able to loss your weight easier.

The way through which you can control your portion sizes is by using the measuring cup. The food which you are consuming should be measured properly. For example: many cereals and pulses are measured with the help of the cup.

There are also different ways to measure and control your portion sizes. You can also measure this with the help of your hand which is very easy and suitable.


Nowadays, you can also track your calorie intake through online mode like through apps and websites. There is an app with the name Fitbit by which you can manage your calorie information. There are also many other services like My Fitness Pal with the help of which you can lose your weight.

So, you should always track your diet for the calorie intake in order to lose your weight. Your diet should be the combination of fats, proteins, fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products in order to lose your weight and make your body strong and healthy. 

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