How To Cheat On Your Diet And Still Lose Weight

Cheat on Your Diet

Wondering how you can cheat on your diet and still not gain any extra pounds? No worries! We got your back.

If you are on a long and consistent weight loss journey, you might have already planned your ‘cheat days’. Most of us subject our cheat days to be Sundays or weekends.

Many people who are planning to lose weight keep aside at least one day of the week as their cheat day. This day can be any day of the weekend and even a special occasion. However, you might fear to gain some extra pounds in this process.

It is true that unnoticed cheat meals will lead you to pay a hefty price. Now, this depends on your weight loss journey, weight, exercises, and diet pan. You will have to keep all the above-mentioned factors to plan your cheat day.

However, it is possible to have a cheat on your diet and still lose weight if you follow some simple steps.

Here are some tips that will help you lose weight even when you cheat on your diet:

1) Plan your cheat day:

You must plan your cheat day according to the following factors:

  • Diet plan
  • Weight
  • Workout routine
  • Calories (in cheat meal)
  • Weight loss journey

Keep in mind all these factors and opt for day to cheat on your diet according to convenience. Remember that a cheat day does not mean that you will have to eat cheat meals throughout the day by forgetting your diet.

2) Small portions of food:

You should remember that cheat days do not mean cheating on your diet all day long. Cheat days are the days when you ‘treat’ yourself for working so hard and being consistent in your journey. You can have small portions of your cheat meal rather than having a heavy breakfast.

You can opt for your favorite dessert after your regular dinner and then it can still be your ‘treat’ or ‘cheat meal’. Remember to go for smaller portions of food when you cheat on your diet so that you do not need to work all week long to burn those calories.

3) Ease the aftermath burn:

Easing your burn refers to easing the process of burning your cheat meal calories. If you are going for a heavy cheat meal then you can cut off some calories from your daily diet on the previous days.

Following this step will help you cheat on your diet and still lose weight. Remember to cut down some calories prior to your cheat meal.

4) Go for the best cheat meal:

There are several types of meals and food items that can be eaten as cheat meals and still refrain your body from gaining that extra fat. Go for a cheat meal that is high on proteins and has healthier fats.

Examples of such food items are – fish, chicken, beef, dark chocolate dessert, sushi, spaghetti, meatballs, salmon, etc..

5) Eat post-workout:

One of the best ways to cheat on your diet and still lose weight is by eating as soon as your workout. Eating after your workout has many benefits. Your body is in a state of higher metabolism and can burn off the extra calories rapidly without converting them to fat.

Your body will convert these calories into instant energy to meet your body’s requirements. Therefore, it is most recommended to go for a cheat meal as soon as you finish your regular workout.

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