How to Avoid Gaining Weight when Injured

Avoid Gaining Weight

Injuries are common and can happen to anyone, any day. Studies have proved that injuries are more likely to lead to an abnormal weight gain of the person. It is also shown that after the person is recovered it might be difficult for him and his body to get back to extensive training and exercises. So avoid gaining weight.

Therefore, people who are injured, especially if it is a long term injury are more likely to gain weight. It is important to avoid gaining weight in these times. One must remember that this abnormal weight gain is also a result of low metabolism and less activity.

To avoid gaining weight when injured, you must try being active as much as you can.

Firstly, avoid getting injured. Start being careful of your surroundings and stay woke! Do not take risks and injure yourself for silly reasons. You must take care of your body on your own by being a little more careful about your daily actions.

However, if you still get injured, remember there is nothing to panic about your condition and weight gain. It will take time but with consistent dedication and will power, you can recover faster.

Here some ways you can avoid gaining weight when injured:

1) Move as much as you can:

Make movements! Move your body as much as you can and try walking after a few days. The movement of your body depends on your injury and in such a situation, even the smallest moves matter.

Take the help of a friend or a family member and try moving or walking for a few minutes if you can. Try moving after each meal, as doing this will avoid weight gain.

2) Small portions of food

Now that you are injured, you might already have a diet given to you by your doctor. You can either ask your doctor about changing your diet in a way that you can avoid gaining weight. Therefore, do consider consulting a doctor before you make some changes in your diet.

You can have smaller portions of food instead of large as this will also avoid your body from storing fat.

3) Skip a meal:

If you have a short term injury, it is okay to miss a meal on a daily basis. However, do consider consulting your doctor on this idea too as it is completely based on the kind of injury you have. Miss dinner or lunch, never miss breakfast.

Instead have full-fledged healthy breakfast as well as lunch and then miss your dinner. This is also called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a popular way of losing weight without any rigorous exercises.

4) Avoid sugar and unhealthy fats:

Refrain from choosing sugary drinks or desserts or anything that contains unhealthy fats. This will lead to abnormal weight gain and ruin your health. So make sure you stay away from sugars, unhealthy fats, and additives along with alcohol.

5) Go for the natural ingredients:

There are many natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, flax seeds, quinoa, salmon, honey with lemon juice and green teas that will help you lose weight naturally.

By including these natural ingredients in your diet, you can avoid gaining weight to a lot of extents.

Apart from these you can practice yoga depending on your injury and try brisk walking. These will also help you avoid gaining weight when injured.

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