How To Apply Eye Liner Like A Pro – Step By Step Guide

Apply Eye Liner Like a Pro

Drawing lines cannot be rocket science. But, it is indeed very difficult when you need to draw lines around your eyes. That perfection must be to the hilt, and one slight mistake can ruin your entire eye make up, or for that matter your whole look.

Applying eyeliner like a pro is not rocket science, but it needs good hand-eye coordination and shaky hands can ruin everything in seconds. This is nearest to impossible to be rectified, in fact, it needs to be cleaned totally and reapplied again. That takes a lot of effort and time, also the eyeliner might leave some marks that are hard to remove, and can be easily shown on the eye even if we apply loads of concealer to hide it. So, here we present you a simple yet effective way on How to Apply Eye Liner Like a Pro – Step by Step Guide.
Step 1:
Cleanse your eyes properly, and make sure there is no residue of last night’s make up.
Step 2:
The next step after cleansing is priming your lids. For this, use a primer or concealer of your choice and apply it evenly using your ring finger on the eyelids.
Step 3:
The method used here is ” Join the dots” which literally is too easy. Just apply a small dot in the middle of your eyelid. This should be as close to the eyelashes as possible and should have the same thickness as you wish your liner to be.
Step 4:
Apply dots along the line, right from the innermost corner of the eye, to the tail, where you wish the eyeliner to end.
Step 5:
Now, gently join the dots, while you taut your eyebrows with one hand, but make sure you do not tug them. Join all the dots with firm stroke, by keeping an eye on the mirror, to avoid unnecessary mishaps.
Step 6:
Clean the extra edges, or unwanted thickness by dipping a Q tip in oil-based makeup remover and sliding it across the eyelid, for a uniform yet crisp edge.

You can either use a pencil or liquid eyeliner. Both work well, and the choice is entirely yours. Use this How to Apply Eye Liner Like a Pro – Step by Step Guide and rock you look from next time.

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