How Not To Manifest And What To Do Instead?

Not To Manifest

As you know that manifesting is very exciting and interesting too. You must focus on manifesting what you can do instead of just manifesting what you can’t do. Now, there are many things that you can’t and many of the things are which you can easily.

Now, here are some of the things which you can’t manifest:


Everyone says that we can manifest anything but it is wrong as you can’t many of the things like the laws of the Universe. You just can’t manifest the laws of the Universe. You cannot be able to change the laws of physics at all even if you desire or wish to do so.

If you like to fly and you want to fly in the sky like a bird then definitely you can’t do it at all as it is against the laws of the Universe. You even just can’t do the things which have happened in the past.


Even manifesting other people is not possible as you can’t change the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the other people according to you.

If a person falls in love with some other then definitely you try to change or manifest your partner but it is not at all possible and even you can’t manifest other people.


Third thing is that you can’t even change or manifest your karmic path. As you know that all people face many obstacles and circumstances in their life and these all things are your karmic path and you can’t even manifest the obstacles and circumstances which you are facing.

Even this karmic path also includes your death so as you know that you can’t stop or even can’t manifest it at all.


As you know that you can’t change or manifest other people and even your karmic path and the same like that you can’t manifest other people’s karmic path.

If other people are facing any type of obstacle or circumstances in their life then you can’t manifest them at all. You can’t change their circumstances, family, or anything else related to others’ life.


If you want to manifest the details in your surroundings then it is not at all possible and you can’t do so. You can’t change every detail around you. You should understand that it is not possible to manifest the details as it is a part of the Universe.

So, these are some of the things which you can’t manifest and these things are not in your hands and you can’t control them. You should be aware of the things which can’t be manifested at all by you.

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