How Fast Does A Beard Grow?- Ultimate Guide

How fast does a beard grow?

Growing a beard is not all about magic and you cannot make your beard appear by a magical wand. It requires a lot of care along with patience and a healthy diet to grow a beard.

It can be frustrating and even make you feel immensely insecure about not being able to grow a beard even at an early age.

The average growth rate for hair is about 1/2 inch per month and it can take a couple of months to a few years to grow a beard.

The growth of your beard depends on other health factors along with the fact that how long of a beard you want to grow.  Your beard will grow continuously for six years.

It will stop growing around six years of continuous growth. If you trim off then, it will start re-growing again.

What are the factors that influence the growth of your beard?

You should know that the growth of your beard highly depends on your genetics, hormonal imbalances, ethnicity, and diet.

It might be very unlikely and even surprising for you to realize that there are several factors that influence the growth of your beard. However, the hormonal imbalance remains one of the most common factors.

The younger you are, the harder it is to grow a beard. So wait and deal with the entire process patiently.

Some men grow facial hair in their early teens whereas some might take a long time as much as even years to grow a proper beard. Some grow facial hair in their mid to late 20s.

It highly depends on your hormones and genetics. Your genes determine the type of beard you can grow.

In some cases, even if you maintain the hormonal balance and remain physically fit, you might still grow your beard a little late in accordance with your genes.

‘Testosterone’ is the hormone that is specifically responsible for the growth of your beard.

The average range of testosterone in your body varies from person to person.

However, the normal range of testosterone levels in a man’s body must be between 264 to 916 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). This range usually represents about the 3rd through 98th percentile for testosterone.

Any changes or imbalance in testosterone levels can lead to even absolutely no facial hair. You can consult your family doctor or a physician and keep your hormonal levels in check.

If there is any imbalance- a proper diet and a few supplements may help in you get back the normal hormonal levels. You need not worry or panic.

Hormonal levels change due to many factors and can be cured with a few basic changes in your lifestyle.

Apart from the testosterone level, another important factor that influences the growth of your beard is the hereditary and genetic factors.

Your hormonal levels can be normal and you might be in your healthiest state yet your beard may take time to grow because of your genetic factors.

There is no specific time for the beard to grow; it depends on your diet, lifestyle, hormones, and genetics!