Home Remedies to Treat Ringworm Naturally


Despite having many ways to treat ringworm that include over the counter medication, not over the counter medication or doctor prescription treatment, there are several natural methods that can be used.

The current trend of people moving away from the conventional medicine due to their cost, complexity and side effects has made many patients or people with ringworm disorders to opt for alternative methods to treat ringworm that are cheaper, easier, and readily available but more effective than the conventional medicine.

Most of the natural methods to treat ringworm can be applied anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

Causes of Ringworm:

Though there may be many causes of ringworm the most common is direct contact with an infected being.  Ringworms may transpire onto you from someone infected with it if you are sharing combs or clothing with him.

If you have pets you may catch ringworms from them if they are infected. If any of your body parts are infected the infection will dilate to become a big red ring. If your nails are infected it will thicken, lose its color and finally fall off.

List of Home Remedies:

Warm-water Enema: Utilization of fresh air and drinking of plenty of water. The warm-water enema is used to cleanse the bowels during the all-fruit diet; it is said that death starts with the colon.

That makes the treatment more effective the patient should get as much fresh air as possible to strengthen the metabolism and improve the moisture excretion.

Coconut Oil: Applying coconut oil, sunbathing and mudpack may be applied to the spots with ringworm to help the skin stay soft, give vitamin D and nourish the skin respectively.

The ringworm treatment for humans should treat and protect future re-appearance of the ringworm is the most vulnerable body parts in addition to multiplication in skin folds.

Personal Hygiene: Like earlier said the natural way to treat the ringworm method consists mostly of doing it yourself. One of the key elements in treating ringworms is to indulge in personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is not just needed in ringworm treatment but in everyone’s life.

It entails keeping our bodies clean and dry, washing our hands frequently, wearing and using clean and dry clothing items such as towels, bedding, clothes, and many others.

Personal hygiene will deter the fungal infection and the consequent multiplication of the fungi on the body.

Contact with Affected: Avoid coming into contact with affected ringworm body parts of other people, pets, and farm animals.

In case you accidentally touch them you need to immediately clean your hands or the body part that has come into contact with the infected person or animal.

You should also avoid dump place that is likely to promote the fungal colonies such as dump floor, soils, bathrooms, or changing rooms.

Deterrence from sharing clothes and other clothing articles is also vital to avoid human to human infection.

Natural Items: use of naturally available items such as seeds, water, and leaves. There are hundreds of plant products that can be used to treat ringworm by either being applied externally or orally.

In this case, the treatment is enhanced by combining any two or more methods, but however, most can be successful on their own.

Diet: Diet dictates many body functions such as immunity, and skin health.

Ringworm diet should be a well-balanced diet that consists of different seeds and nuts, wholegrain cereals, raw or lightly cooked vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Also, the adoption of an all-fruit diet, curd, and milk for about five days can be crucial. The patient takes at least three meals a day that is made of freshly mad juices or juicy fruits such as apples, oranges, papayas, pineapples, and pomegranates at the intervals of about five hours.