How to Get Rid of RingWorms Naturally

home remedies to get rid of ringworm

Ringworm is common and there is nothing to worry about. These are considered to be one of the most common fungal infections.

If you are trying hard to get rid of ringworm like infections and want to try some home remedies to get rid of it, then continue reading.

Ringworm is said to be a very common fungal infection that is, caused by a worm.

It is caused by the fungus Tinea that is highly contagious. Anyone can get diagnosed with ringworm, and it is common.

However, even though some people are more susceptible to ringworm than others. Teens and children are less diagnosed or susceptible to ringworm as they have incredible immunity.

Here are home remedies that will help you in getting rid of ringworms in a natural way:

1) Garlic paste:

Garlic is said to be an amazing anti-fungal agent and helps in killing the fungus. Consider applying garlic paste on the affected area and then leave it off.

This will help in curing ringworm to a lot of extents. However, if you experience any kind of burning sensation or redness, then wash it off and don’t apply.


Apple cider vinegar has good anti-fungal properties that can destroy the fungus. So you can consider applying apple cider vinegar on the area with the cotton pad.

Apply it twice a day and let the cotton pad soak in undiluted vinegar. Apply the vinegar to the affected area and get rid of ringworm in a natural way.
3) Soap and water:

Wash your affected area with soap and water many times a day. Soap and water can help in reducing infection and fight fungus to a lot of extents.

This will help in keeping your skin hygienic and get rid of ringworms in a natural way. Always keep your clean and wash it thoroughly before applying any kind of ingredients.


Aloe vera has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera has amazing healing properties and can get rid of ringworm in a natural way.

Apply aloe vera thrice a day as aloe vera is said to exhibit almost 6 antiseptic properties.
5) Coconut oil:

Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Coconut oil helps in fighting fungal infection and treats ringworm to a lot of extents.

Massage the affected area with coconut oil twice a day and treat ringworm at home.

Apart from these, you can use the following home remedies to get rid of ringworm:

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