Home Remedies for Rheumatic Fever


Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that results from poorly treated strep throat. Infections from group streptococcus bacteria can lead to strep throat. This disease is common in children of 5 -15 years old. However, it can also be found in younger adults and children. The research shows that the disease is very rare in developed countries. This means that it is common in third world countries.


Rheumatic fever can lead to permanent damage to the heart, which results in heart failure and damaged valves. However, proper treatment can reduce tissue inflammation; reduce the pain and symptoms thus preventing the recurrence of the disease.


Signs and Symptoms:

The rheumatic fever symptoms of this condition can vary. Some individuals experience several symptoms while others experience only a few symptoms. The symptoms may vary during the course of this disease. Rheumatic fever occurs 2-4 weeks after the strep throat infection. The signs and symptoms that result from the inflammation in skin, heart, joints, or central nervous system include:


  • Painful Joints-usually the knees, elbows, ankles, or wrists. This pain is less common in hips, shoulders, hands, and feet.
  • Red, or swollen joints
  • Tiny, painless nodules on the skin
  • Pain that migrates from one joint to another
  • Chest
  • Fatigue
  • Uncontrolled movement of the body parts such as hand, face, and feet
  • Unusual behavior such as inappropriate laughing or crying
  • Shortness of breath


List of Home Remedies:


Almonds: Almonds contain vitamin E, include almonds in your daily diet.


Garlic: Eat some raw garlic or you can mix it in a black tea that may help in rheumatic fever.


Asparagus Seeds: Drink the mixture of asparagus, Fenugreek, carom seeds, black cumin in a glass of water every morning.


Omega Fatty Acids: It helps soothing pain and inflammation caused by rheumatic fever. The fatty acids are commonly found in Chia seeds, fatty fish, flaxseed oil, and seafood.

Bed Rest: The complete bed rest is the prevention to reduce the progression of the inflammation.

Vitamin C: Eat those foods which are rich in vitamin C like orange, pineapple, lemon, grapes, kiwi, etc.

Healthy Diet: Eat fish, vegetables and citrus fruits which can help to treat rheumatic fever.

Water: Drink about 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. It may reduce fever and hydrate your body.

Antibiotics: The doctor prescribes antibiotics such as penicillin to wipe out the remaining bacteria in the body. After completing the prescribed antibiotics, the patient will take another prescription of antibiotics to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

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