Home Remedies to Prevent Split Ends

Home Remedies to Prevent Split Ends

Are you frustrated trying to get rid of split ends by spending hour after hour trimming your damaged hair ends in order to keep your hair long and beautiful?  Split ends make your hair look dull and unhealthy.

There are a lot of products on the market today that claim they can fix split ends, this is an outright lie and to be honest I can quite believe that they get away with saying that. There is no way to repair split ends. All these products do is stick the hair back together temporarily. They do not mend or repair split ends.  These products can even actually make your split ends even worse the longer you use them, because the split is still there and will be getting longer you longer you put off taking action.

Common Causes:

  • Too much shampooing
  • Silicone conditioners
  • Excess sunlight
  • Swimming
  • Brushing your hair when it is wet
  • Chemical use
  • Hair styling
  • Brushing hair incorrectly

List of Home Remedies:

Almond Oil: Massage your scalp with almond oil two to three times in a week.

Sesame Oil: Gently massage with sesame oil to get rid of dry scalp, and split ends.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil come up many times as being a great remedy for strengthening hair and fighting split ends.

Cut Split Ends: If you’ve tried everything under the sun to get rid of split ends and nothing seems to work, there is still one solution before a proper haircut; cutting the split ends. You could ask your hairdresser to do it.

Shampooing: When buying shampoo for split ends make sure to buy shampoo that does not contain any alcohol. The alcohol in the product will cause your hair to become dry and brittle; weak hair will easily break. A good shampoo will keep the hair strong, shiny and most importantly healthy.

Prevention: Try not to use chemicals in your hair. This goes for harsh shampoos and coloring your hair. Chlorine can also damage your hair so make sure to wash it before swimming. This helps prevent your hair from absorbing as many chemicals, also wash it after. If in the sun often wear a hat or use shampoo that protects against the sun.

Proper Care: Wash your hair the proper way. Don’t soak your hair with shampoo and then do the same with conditioner, it doesn’t need it. Shampoo the top and let it run through the ends as you rinse it out. As for conditioning, let the ends soak a little bit and lightly do the top then rinse.

Hair Dryer: Drying your hair with a towel aggressively or even using a hair dryer to close or on a heat to high can harm your hair. Try to remove the excess water from your hair and let it dry naturally. This is the best way to dry your hair. Never use straightness when it’s wet.

Brushing: Over brushing is again, another way you can damage your hair. You don’t need to brush it much and you don’t need to rip it through when you get a knot. Untangle it with your fingers then proceed brushing again.

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