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Height Increase

One of the most important things I learned, even when you think you cannot grow anymore. You can at least improve your height increase by 1 inch. You can even add up to 6 inches of height even with a closed growth plate! By learning some tips, tricks and routines from here, height increase of 1-6 inches as long as you did you best with your own routine made with the help of this site.  I wrote this article in the hopes of helping many people, and hopefully, you will be one of them.


List of Home Remedies:


Calcium: As I’ve discussed previously, calcium is the main ingredient in bone growth. You should eat things such as yogurt, milk for breakfast every day.


Protein: Another important ingredient in cell growth, eating two eggs during breakfast is ideal for you.


Sugar/Carbs: Perhaps the best time to eat these sugary things is during breakfast, it will give you the energy to wake you up and kick start your day. The same thing for carbs a piece of bread and chocolate is an example.


Breakfast: Many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I will definitely agree with that. A healthy and nutritious breakfast gives a kick start to the day; by obtaining the essential nutrients, not only are you giving yourself energy, you are allowing yourself to burn these nutrients into cell/bone growth through exercises.


Use a Pillow: There are rumors the web that suggests people sleep with no pillows, but it’s a risk of damaging your neck and your spine. Pillows are useful to height gaining it gives you comfort and support.


Play any Sport: All sports are fairly active which are very beneficial for height gaining. Play any of your favorite sport regularly.


Workout: It’s such a common myth that working out stunts growth, this is not the case. Work out requires more energy which promotes HGH.


Take Vitamin Supplements: Take vitamin supplements, they are very useful to provide essential needs.


Stretching Exercises: Not only does this promote your growth, but it also provides good posture which will greatly affect your height as well.


Sleep Well: Many people are avoiding this crucial part of height gain, most of the height growing takes place when we are in sleep. Sleep well, or else nothing will work. Sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours daily.

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