Home Remedies For Headache


There is a handful of home remedies for headache and  In fact, the moment you hear about relieving this pain, you might actually be thinking about leading brands of Paracetamol in the pharmacy. But who knows you may not need them?  There is no need to drive because there are headache remedies that can be available at home.

Take a look at this enumeration and see what you ought to try in the comforts of your homes.


Do not think Basil is only for pizza toppings. This strong-scented herb certainly tastes and smells good. But aside from being of your every pizza bite, this plant has a medicinal use.  For people in need of a home remedy for headache, here is for you.  The oil extracted from basil plants works as a muscle relaxant, so it is especially helpful for headaches caused by tension and tight muscles.

Peppermint Oil:

Look around your room and you may just find a bottle of peppermint oil. That is it! Peppermint is a calming home remedy which is beneficial for tension headaches. Peppermint oil has vaso-dilating and vaso-constricting properties, which help the body to regulate blood flow. Poor blood flow can cause the absence of oxygen in the nerves, thus causing a headache.  Peppermint oil can help in opening and closing the vessels that stimulate flow.

Lavender Oil:

Apart from smelling great, lavender is also a remedies for migraine pains and as a home remedy for headaches. How to use it? You can apply it topically or inhale it. It surely soothes the nerves. 2-4 drops for each 2 to 3 cups of boiling water are suggested when inhaling the lavender-oil vapors to treat a headache. Unlike other medicinal oils, lavender oil can be safely used externally without diluting it.  Also, lavender oil must not be orally taken.

Scalp Massage:

Reduce the headache using a scalp massage. This do-i-it method has been the most simple yet immediate way to alleviate the pain caused by headaches and migraines. Have a circular press around the head, specifically in the temple for several minutes until the pain subsides.


Flavonoids are phytochemicals, which are found in many plants, that contain antioxidant properties, which counteract damage to cells. This content in the buckwheat is a very useful home remedies for headaches and migraines.


These brown seeds are rich in omega 3s. At times, headaches can be caused by inflammation, which is reduced by the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids. Because flaxseed is a rich source of omega 3s, this provides headache relief. You may choose to have it in several forms. You may have the flaxseed oil, ground, or the whole seeds.

Treating headaches does not always require aspirins from the drugstore. How could you even drive with your head in pain? These headache remedies listed above are among the suggestions to make you feel better without leaving your home.

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