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Home Remedies for Burns

Burns are injuries to the flesh caused by electricity, heat, strong chemicals, constant friction or radiation. Burns usually affect the dermis and epidermal tissues of the skin. These are a common injury that you can get from daily activities such as cooking, cleaning etc.

These are classified according to the degree of damage that the injury has caused. First degree burns are the most minor with only a slight reddening of the skin. Sunburns are considered to be first degree burns.

The most severe are the sixth degree burns where the damage has reached the muscles and bones. These types of burns usually result in amputation and even death in some cases.

Even the most minor burn can be very painful and can result in scarring. Severe burns can also lead to complications such as shock, organ failure, infection and disfiguring scars. There are several home remedies that can treat burns and prevent scarring.

Dos and Don’ts:

In the event of swelling, remove anything that may cause constriction i.e. belt, shoes rings, etc. Cover the affected area with a dry sterile dressing.

  • Do not apply any lotion, ointment or cream.
  • Do not to remove any clothing item which has stick to the burnt area.
  • Don’t touch or place anything other than a sterile dressing on a burn
  • Don’t burst any blisters that may form on or around the wound.

List of Home Remedies:

Cold Water:

As soon as the skin gets burned, place the injured area directly under the faucet with cold running water. The cold water will help relieve the pain and prevent the burns from blistering.


Take half a slice of raw onion and place it directly on top of the burns for an immediate home remedy.


Slice potato thinly and place the slices over the burns. Hold the potato slices in place with a gauze or a bandage.

Sweet Potato

Grass and Black-eyed Peas:

Create a paste out of some grass and black-eyed peas. Apply the paste on the burns regularly until the skin has sufficiently healed.


Soak the areas injured by the burns in some milk. Make sure the affected areas are thoroughly submerged in the milk.


A healthy diet is a very important factor in the healing of burns aside from the many home remedies that can be used. To help make the burns heal faster, eat a high protein and high-calorie diet.


Also include foods that are rich in minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium. These minerals are important to speed up the healing process and prevent the burns from getting infected.


Vitamin B complex, glutamine, and vitamin C are just some of the vitamins that are also needed by the body for faster recovery from burns.

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