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Home Remedies For Baby Acne That Always Work

Remedies for Baby Acne

If you want to take Baby Care and If you are a new parent, and you notice little bumps or red spots on your baby’s skin or face, it might be really scary, to say the least. Though it might look scary, it is actually not. It is a case of baby acne or neonatal acne, which your baby might face when he is two months or older. This can be treated at home, with simple remedies. there are many lotions available in the market, but you might want to go the natural way, as going natural will hardly have any side effects. Here is an extensive list of  Home remedies for baby acne that always work

1. Extra virgin olive oil
Olive oil has natural components that work like magic on any type of skin. This helps skin lock moisture and helps skin remain soft for a longer period of time.
All you need to do is:
1. Dab a ball of cotton in extra virgin olive oil
2. Apply on the affected areas, and wait for some time for the skin to soak it.
3. Once it is done, slowly wipe it with a soft cloth, as washing it off will take away all the benefits.
2. Vinegar
Vinegar has always known to be the best solution for acne in adults. But while trying on your baby, do a patch test first on a part of skin other than the face. If there is no redness or rashes, you can safely apply a few drops of vinegar on the affected areas. 
3. Use chemical-free detergents
Detergents are really harsh and can cause rashes and reactions on delicate skin. Sometimes, when the clothes are not properly washed, the detergent residue remains in the clothes and causes a lot of irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin. Using a chemical-free soft detergent especially meant for babies can be a really good option. 
4. Sandalwood paste
Sandalwood has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties and is known to treat acne effectively. It is termed safe for most babies. Thus, makes the best bet when it comes to treating baby acne. 
All you need to do for baby Care
1. Mix 1 part of sandalwood powder into 2 parts of mustard oil
2. dab a cotton ball in this paste and apply on the tiny acne.
3. Wash it off with warm water, and pat dry after 10 minutes. 
If your baby has acne not on the face but other parts of the body like hands, legs, etc. Then oatmeal s the solution for you.
All  you need to do is
  1.  Blend oatmeal in a blender
  2.  Add this powder to the bathtub and let your baby soak in for 8-10 minutes.
  3. Pat dry.

If you are a nursing mother, keep a watch on your diet. Avoid eating too oily or sour foods. Try to include kefir, kimchi, etc in your diet.

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