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Top 10 Home Remedies for Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is a common disease caused by the varicella zoster virus. This virus is a member of the herpes virus family and is highly infectious. Most cases of chickenpox are reported in children, but adult chickenpox is also not uncommon. Adults can generally get the disease only if they did not have it in childhood.

Common Symptoms:

About half of all children with Chicken Pox experience symptoms such as high fever, severe itching, an uncomfortable rash, dehydration and headaches. In addition, ten percent children also suffer from complications serious enough to need proper medical attention.  These complications may include infected skin lesions, other infections, dehydration from vomiting or diarrhea, exacerbation of asthma or in extreme cases, pneumonia.

Common Causes:

Adults or infants and people who have weak immune system are generally more susceptible to Chicken Pox. The weakness may be due to general ill-health or use of steroids etc. In particular, certain categories of people who are exposed to specific conditions or to those at risk from Chicken pox should consider vaccination. Pregnant women are generally not administered this vaccine for safety reasons however. Let’s see some simple home remedies to treat Chickenpox.

List of Home Remedies:

Oatmeal Bath: One of the better treatments for Chickenpox in adults is having a bath. When you mix up oat meal as well as add it to a warm bath, you are able to soak your body inside for approximately 15 minutes and will also assist with the itchiness and it has a number of recovery effects as well. It helps as well dry up the blisters. Make sure that you don’t irritate the skin when you dry yourself off.

Epsom Salt Bath: Add two cups of Epsom salt in your bathtub of warm water. Mixed well and soak in the water for about 20 minutes. Do this for couple of days.

Organic Honey: Apply some organic honey direct to the affected skin. Leave it as it is for about 15 minutes before washing it off.

Baking Soda: Take one tsp of baking soda and mix some water to form a paste. Apply on the affected area and leave it on till dry.

Neem leaves: Crushed handful of Neem leaves to form a paste and apply directly on the affected area of the skin. Leave it as it is for about 15 minutes before washing it off.

Brown Vinegar: Add 1/2 cup of brown vinegar in your bathtub of lukewarm water. Mix them well and take a shower with this water. Do this for few days.

Sandalwood Oil and Turmeric Powder: Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder and add 5-6 drops of sandalwood oil to form a fine paste. Apply the paste on the blisters and make sure you do not damage that. Leave it as it is for 30 minutes before washing it off.

Jasmine Flowers: Make yourself an herbal tea prepare with Jasmine flowers and have this tea for 2 to 3 times a day.

Ginger Bath: Add half a cup of ginger powder to your bathtub of warm water. Soak in the water for about half hour.

Avoid Scratching: One of many most severe things you can do is always to scratch the blisters or rash which you have. This is only going to result in an infection, even more problems as well as scarring. So, whatever you do, avoid scratching.

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