Home Remedies for Brain Improvement

Home Remedies for Brain Improvement

Human brain is unique compared to other living creatures; a recent study proved that our brain does a lot of hard work that is even difficult for 5 supercomputers combined. But the health of the brain is also important for a good memory.

Getting enough sleep is one of the best ways to help your mind stay focused. One way to beat fatigue is to wake up at the same time every morning – even on weekends. So resist the temptation to stay up all night and give yourself a realistic bedtime.  Some of these home remedies increase cognitive capabilities, reduce cognitive decline, and improve brain stamina.

List of Home Remedies:

Eggs: Every one like eggs, while some of us neglect the good benefits out of that. An egg contains Folic Acid which is one of the B, B6 and B12 vitamins that powers up the messenger cells called neurotransmitters that boosts memory power to maximum.

Purple Cauliflower: They are low in sugar and rich in fiber. Vitamins like folic acid and B6 help maintain blood flow and develop attention, concentration, memory and mood. They contain anti-inflammatory components called anthocyanins.

Green Tea: Green tea is also an excellent source of antioxidants and its benefits reach well beyond boosting memory.

Soy: Soy offer many other benefits to the body and knowing that it can help with boosting memory is good stimulation for trying it and possibly making it a regular part of your diet. It’s another step towards feeling confident that you are doing everything you can to ensure that your memory stays sharp.

Apples: Apples, which are rich in the antioxidants quercetin, can efficiently protect the brain cells from free radical damage on the outer lining of neurons.

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