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Birth control problems facing young women and teens having sex, with a whopping 85% of the time, unfortunately, resulting in unwanted pregnancy. This article provides you with the necessary information to educate yourself about birth control and how to prevent unwanted pregnancy concerning a variety of popular birth control home remedies.

Whichever birth control option you use, please remember that all birth control methods, except for total abstinence, are not always 100% guaranteed to work. Nonetheless, if you are sexually active some type of birth control will greatly reduce the chances of becoming pregnant.

There are so many options available such as Behavioral methods, Prescription drugs, Birth Control Pills, Permanent methods and above all the natural method.

  • Behavioral methods of birth control are described mostly as physical activities that couples can engage in to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This includes such actions as using condoms, the pulling out of the man’s penis before he “comes”, continuous abstinence, and non-vaginal sex.
  • Prescription drugs prescribed by your doctor are another form of effective birth control. These include prescription drugs commonly known as The Pill.
  • Permanent methods of birth control are surgical methods which are irreversible. Although these methods permanently prevent unwanted pregnancy, they do not prevent any sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Abstinence – Yes, you can choose not to have sex. If you’re young, this might be a good option to consider, because no matter how grown up you think you are, odds are you have no idea how much sex is going to complicate your life and confuse things. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad or wrong, simply that things become complicated in ways you’re not ready for once sex is part of the equation. Never let anyone tell you sex is a bad thing, or that something is wrong with you for wanting it, or that it isn’t your right to be in charge of your own sexuality, but while you’re busy being free and uninhibited, remember, there really is such a thing as being too young for sex. It is seriously okay to say no. In most cases ladies, he’s not worth it anyway.

Choosing the right type of birth control option is one of several very important decisions you will have to make in throughout your lifetime. When deciding on which birth control method best suit you.

List of Home Remedies:

Papaya: Papaya is a very effective in preventing pregnancy, Have 1 papaya or drinks its juice daily two times for about 4 to 5 days after having a sex.

Figs: Eat not more than three dried figs after having a sex, it will prevent pregnancy.

Parsley Tea: Drink parsley herbal tea daily twice a day.

Ginger: Consume 2 to 3 cups of ginger tea daily.

Apricot: Take one cup of water and add 100gm of dried apricots and two tablespoons of honey to it. Boil them for about 20 minutes mix and have it.

Apricot: Eat 5 to 10 apricot seeds 2 to 3 times a day specially after having an unsafe sex. Continue eating till your menstruation starts.

Cinnamon: Consume cinnamon regularly till your menstruation starts but do consult a gynecologist before trying this remedy.

Vitamin-C: Take 1500mg of vitamin-C capsules/tablets 2 to 3 days after having an unsafe sex. Make sure you do not take high amount of vitamin-C.

Asafoetida: Consume asafoetida juice mixing with water once in a month to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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