Home Remedies Asthma and Breathing Difficulties

Home Remedies Asthma

Home Remedies Asthma -Asthma is a widespread medical condition that is characterized by breathing problems, coughing, and wheezing. It is triggered by constriction of the tiny air passages within the lungs and inflammation, both of which hinder the capacity of the lungs to carry out normal respiration. The intensity of asthma symptoms can extend from minimal wheezing to potentially fatal breathing complications. Approximately 3% of the US population suffers from this disorder, with the greatest risk to kids below the age of 10.

Here are some of the commonly used home remedies for asthma that you could try out for breathing air of relief (pun intended):

List of Home Remedies:

Camphorated Mustard Oil: Heat up some mustard oil, add some camphor to it. Use this camphorated mustard oil when it is bearably warm as an external application to the chest and to your back.

Strong Coffee: Not many asthmatics realize how helpful a cup of hot strong coffee could be during an asthmatic attack. The selective vaso-dilatory property of caffeine can act as a boon in dilating the constricted airways and makes breathing easier and relieves wheezing.

Honey: Honey is a natural medicine gifted to us by The Almighty. It has numerous health benefits and it does not fail to do so during an acute asthma attack. Mix a tablespoon of honey in a cup of hot water and drink it in sips to relieve the congestion and spasmodic tightness of your chest. Honey will also help in easier removal of phlegm, thereby freeing your choked airways and helping smooth respiration.

I recommend honey as one of the best natural remedies for asthma in kids because nothing beats medicine that tastes sweet when it comes to kids. Moreover, the airways are smaller in kids and even the slightest amount of phlegm can cause great breathing troubles for them. Honey has a multipronged effect on the phlegm, wheezing, congestion and of course on any reluctance to consume bitter-tasting medications.

Herbal Remedies for Asthma: There are many herbs that can be used for asthma relief. The weirdest part is that most of the popular bronchodilators and asthma medications have active ingredients that can be sourced naturally from these herbs.

For instance, the leaves and berries of wintergreen contain methyl salicylate, which many of you might recognize as the ingredient in popular cough syrups. Similarly, birch leaves contain methyl salicylate and birch leaf tea is a popular herbal remedy for asthma.

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