Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a condition in which it becomes difficult for a person to abstain from frequent and excessive craving and consumption of alcohol. This need for the consumption of alcohol affects a person’s personal and professional life. This happens because the person loses the ability to differentiate right from wrong. It also compromises the reflexes to a significant level. It basically is the effect of this habit on the person’s health, behavior and on the people around him which initiates the immediate need to curb this chronic disorder.

Treatment for alcoholism is done in various ways but one of the most powerful ways to eliminate it from the root level is with the help of home remedies for alcoholism. They have no side effects and are easy to follow not only for the person fighting with alcoholism but also for the people close to him who are supporting the process.

List of Home Remedies:


Grapes are in fact the purest form of alcohol. They also form a healthy option for a person addicted to alcohol. Intake of grapes is probably one of the best home remedies for alcoholism. An alcoholic should consume three servings of grapes at a gap of five hours. This regime should be followed for about 25-30 days.

Apple Juice:

Apples are a good natural cleansing product and also facilitate in reducing the effect of intoxication by cleansing the toxins from the body. This helps in suppressing the urge to consume alcohol. To curb alcoholism, a person should consume as many apples as possible.


Dates are also an effective home remedy for alcoholism. It helps in reducing the level of urgency for the intake of alcohol. Mix about five crushed dates in a glass of water and consume this mixture. Have this mixture twice a day for a month and this will help decrease the need and frequency for having alcohol.

Celery Juice:

Celery juice extracted from fresh and raw celery is beneficial in curing alcoholism. It relaxes and calms the person’s state of mind. Mix water and celery juice in equal quantities and have at least once in a day for about a month.

Bitter Gourd:

The leaves of bitter guard help in repairing the damage caused to the liver due to alcohol. These leaves are a powerful cure for alcoholism. Extract the juice from the leaves of bitter gourd and mix about 3 teaspoons of this juice in one glass of buttermilk. Have it with an empty stomach in the morning for a month.

Raw Almonds:

Almonds are helpful in decreasing the level of addiction gradually in an alcoholic. Being full of essential nutrients they also help in restoring the body’s energy and nutritional needs. Consumption of 8-10 almonds daily is beneficial for reducing the urge to consume alcohol.


Primrose Oil is beneficial in combating the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol along with preventing further damage to the liver due to alcohol. It is also beneficial for reducing the possibility of the onset of depression or the urge for alcohol. One gram of evening primrose oil taken twice or thrice in a day is one of the most effective home remedies for alcoholism.

Wild Thyme:

Consumption of wild thyme in a liquid form causes nausea and vomiting. This method can be adopted by the alcoholic himself or by his close supporting him to quit drinking. Add 3 tablespoons of wild thyme to boiling water and set it aside for 45 minutes. An alcoholic should consume about 1 tablespoon of this mixture 4 times in a day. This can also be added by a close in the liquor to be consumed by the alcoholic person.

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