Hide your Grey Hair with Coffee Dye


A morning Coffee does certainly make up your day, but have you ever wondered the same coffee powder can be used to dye your grey hair. Coffee works simply great when you want to dye your grey hair and look younger, it also adds dimension to your dark tresses.

So as to make coffee dye one needs to brew a strong coffee, especially the espresso works well, and then let it cool for some time. Then add to the cooled mixture a couple of cups of conditioner and leave the mixture to settle. To the mixture add 2 spoons of ground coffee beans.

It is believed that Caffeine present in the coffee has the ability to restore hair growth and also helps in preventing hair loss. This hair mask can be applied to the hair as a hair mask. To the mixture used as a hair mask add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix the solution well so that it quickly sets onto the hair. Let it dry on your scalp and then wash it with cold water as cold water is much better than hot water, and conditioning the hair after washing it off helps in making the hair all livelier.

Coffee can help you more than just making your day good. The caffeine boost it gives wakes you up while the same help you dye your hair. Patches of grey hair can be covered up with a mask using coffee. In another way, you can make a mixture using half a cup of coffee and two tablespoons of coffee grounds, adding a conditioner helps the hair from getting damaged due to dryness. Leave the mixture to settle down well and then add it along the strands of grey hair. For best results repeating the process on an alternative day will certainly help.

Coffee dye has the capability to make the hair darker by a shade or two. It can also cover up some of the grey patches totally to quite a good extent. Alternatively, from the previously mentioned ways here you can use the same coffee powder but use dark-roast coffee beans, along with it add 2 tablespoons of coffee powder and then ad a cup of fruit conditioner. Mix the content well and apply it on the scalp. Leave it for about ten minutes and wash it off. Here are the ways to use coffee to darken the hair.

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