Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Treatment And Its Types


HAE is a life threatening, genetic condition – most have never heard of causing swelling in any soft tissues in the body. You never know when an attack will occur any soft tissue can swell anywhere in the body and you never know how bad it will get. Often causing teeth indentations known as scalloping of the tongue and airways restrictions can cause death within minutes.

Swelling can / does move to other sites in the body during attacks. Many Hereditary Angioedema patients suffer in silence or are misdiagnosed for years. It can start with only one finger but continues to worsen without treatment, daily activities and household work become difficult if not impossible without the use of your hands or feet. Often you cannot bend your finger or close your hands. This skin disorder can occur in both males and females. Those individual that witness HAE attacks should take proper diet. Intake of vitamin D, C and should increase the intake of mineral water about eight to ten glasses each day need to be consumes. One must build a good immune system by taking some raw vegetables, raw milk, eating eggs, and consume fresh juices. They should be aware that if they ignore this disorder, it could lead to bigger disorders that can cause more pain.

There are no cure and no accurate lab test for all forms of the disease. The disease attacks are unpredictable, can be disfigured, debilitating, unbelievably painful, and life threatening. It is caused by a malfunction in the blood complement system, including the most potent pain producer in humans. It can be lethal, untreated, the mortality rate is 30% there is no such cure.

Local “trauma” results in increased vascular permeability and swelling

  • Abdominal Organs: Stomach, Intestine, Bladder, Kidney
  • Subcutaneous Tissues: Face, Hands, Arms, Legs, Genital Buttocks
  • Upper Airway: Larynx, Tongue


There are three types of hereditary angloedema:

Type 1: 85% of cases. C1-INH is decreased or not present

Type 2: 155 of cases. C1-INH is not working properly

Type 3: Rare; prevalence is unknown. Diagnosed by genetic testing


Treatment of Acute Hereditary Angioedema Attacks:

  • Until late 2009, no effective US FDA-approved therapy for acute attacks there is only supportive therapy.
  • Extremity Attacks: No effective treatment available
  • Gastrointestinal Attacks: Relief of pain and nausea, Aggressive fluid replacement and dehydration
  • Orpharyngeal Attacks: Hospitalize with careful observation, Timely intubation, if necessary and be prepared for tracheostomy.

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