Herbal Remedies for Hair Fall

Herbal Remedies to Prevent Hair Fall

Are there herbal remedies for hair fall without dangerous chemicals or without surgery? The answer to these questions is YES! There is a way to try and fight your problem with herbal hair loss remedies. These remedies are safe, all natural, inexpensive and no worries over whether they are FDA approved.

Herbs have been being used since the beginning of time to treat sickness, ailments, skin and hair conditions and every symptom the body might possibly experience. Below are a few of the herbs commonly used in hair loss products and some brief information on how they work? These herbal remedies might not work for you- but they might be the herbal hair loss solution for you!


Dandruff is one of the major causes of hair fall. Come winter, and there is no escaping the Big D problem. The dry atmosphere does not help to keep the scalp supple, what with the effects of the atmospheric pollutants that mix with the cold winds to create smog.

List of Home Remedies:

Nettles: Nettles are a mineral rich herb that is good for purifying and strengthening the blood. Most importantly for hair loss, nettles are good for improving blood circulation. Blood circulation is important for stimulating the hair follicles. Nettles are also known for strengthening the tissue that is in hair.

Horsetail: Horsetail is also rich in minerals particularly silica. Silica is one of the main ingredients found in hair. This herb is known for strengthening weak hair. Horsetail is also good in promoting healthy blood flow which is responsible for recharging the hair follicles. Like nettles, horsetail is commonly found in hair loss products.


Primrose Evening Oil: Primrose Evening Oil is a great source of an essential fatty acid. This oil is known for regeneration of the hair follicles and strengthening hair at the roots.


Rosemary Oil: Rosemary is a part of the mint family, and is also often used in hair loss products. It is said to stimulate hair growth and improve the skin condition of the scalp. Rosemary is good oil for massaging the skin and scalp. It is also used in many shampoos.


Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto is commonly used to aid in enlarged prostates. Prostates become enlarged because of the body’s production of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. DHT is one of two leading causes of permanent baldness. Saw Palmetto has shown to be successful in combating the production of DHT and/or blocking it from the hair follicles.

Siberian Ginseng: Siberian Ginseng is known for healthy blood circulation and helping to strengthening the existing hair. Ginseng can be taken orally or applied directly to the scalp. Many, many products offer ginseng as the active ingredient in their hair loss, hair strengthening products.


Here are some home remedies for hair fall to keep you smiling till the end of the world:

Boiled Vegetables: If you have heard of vegetable clear soup, then you might have tried chopping some nice green capsicum (or red, if you prefer that), some cauliflower, tomato, carrot and beans to boil them in water and garnish them off with some pepper. Or you can simply boil them in the cooker and eat then twice every day.


Oil Olive: Massage it with this oil gently all over your scalp. Wear a shower cap and leave it as it for about an hour before shampooing your hair.


Holy Basil Leaves (Tulsi): The holy basil needs no explanation thanks to its popularity since ages. It has several medicinal properties in addition to being a permanent cure for dandruff.


Flavonoids: Onions contain these and they can be made use of either by the conventional way i.e. by oral consumption or by taking pieces and grinding them together to form a smooth paste that can be used as a hair mask.


Eat Sprouts: Including a small bowl of sprouts in your everyday diet can be healthy for your hair. Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables are a few other good options. Sprouts are highly rich in fiber and nutrients such as Vitamin E, Potassium, and Iron etc. which is very essential to keep your hair strong and shiny.


Keep Yourself Hydrated: Although the cold weather is not a good enough reason for anyone to consume more water, it washes off the toxins in your body and thus drinking 10-15 glass of water could prevent hair loss during any season. Toxins can cause fungal infections on your scalp and can instigate hair loss problem.

It’s a Thing of Age: Get your scalp treated by a dermatologist and ask to inject some steroid injections. One may also go for a hair transplant surgery, albeit by shelling out a large sum.

Quit Smoking: Tobacco was never good- either for your lungs, or your hair.Stop smoking! Ever heard of an electronic cigarette?

Quit Drinking: The hydroxyl ion-containing drinks have adverse effects on the follicles for the long term. Better stop now, lest you lose your sole reason for existence.

This is just a few of the herbal remedies out there that could help with your hair loss. There are many other natural remedies between vitamins and herbs that can be used for making shampoos, salves and massage oils for your hair and scalp. Before you begin any new treatment of your hair loss, make sure your doctor has determined the cause of your hair loss. Some herbs can react negatively with other medications you may be taking. Hopefully you will find the herbal hair loss remedy for you.

Home remedies are the best cures for any health concern, unless the issue is so serious that it calls for medical attention. Otherwise, hair fall is just the falling off of old hair so that newer and healthier hair gets a chance to grow. Hair loss is different from this in the sense that it is accompanied by the shedding of hair follicles, while in hair fall there is no loss of follicles.

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