How healthy is Organic Food uses ?


Organic Food uses is a big hit these days among most healthy living enthusiasts for its supposed health Organic Food uses . For all those of you who love to buy organic food, here is some food for thought.

Researchers from the Stanford University recently conducted a detailed analysis of the health benefits of organic food and came to the conclusion that there is little to suggest that organic food is healthier than conventionally grown food. All this because the researchers were as keen as we are to know how healthy is organic food as compared to conventionally grown food.

Health Benefits of organic food:

While the researchers made it clear that their aim was not to discourage people from buying organic food but only to enable them to see the truth, quite a few myths about the supposed health benefits of organic foods were shattered as a result of this study.

The researchers, after a series of tests and experiments came to the following conclusions:

  • Phosphorus, one of the essential nutrients required by us, was significantly higher in foods which were organically grown.
  • Consuming organic food was also found to reduce pesticide exposure significantly. Organic food is 30% less likely to be laced with pesticides as compared to conventional fruits and vegetables.
  • There are no ‘consistent’ differences in the vitamin content of organic foods as well.
Organic Food and Pesticides/ Pesticides in Organic Foods:

While organic foods do not hold much of an edge over conventionally grown food when it comes to nutritional value of foods thus grown, the correlation between organic food and pesticides content in foods was found to be too strong to be brushed aside. The low content of pesticides in organic food give it a definite edge!

The higher costs of organic food, according to her, were the main reason of its limited appeal among the masses. As far as cancer causing insecticides and pesticides present in conventionally grown food are concerned, they could be gotten rid of by washing these foods thoroughly before eating them.

While the results of this study are significant Indian experts believe otherwise. This is partly because of the fact that pesticides usage patterns in India and other developing countries are hugely different from those followed in USA and the developed countries.

Given the relatively low use of pesticides in these countries, organic food might not hold a significant edge over conventionally grown food in those countries. With poor regulatory environment in India and similar countries, health benefits of organic food are definitely worth the high price these products command. The low levels of pesticides in organic food make it extremely popular among those who can afford it, and those who do not mind shelling out a few extra nickels to avoid foods laden with pesticides.

Conclusion: We hope that you will be able to make a better choice when you pick up your grocery, milk and dairy requirements now that you know about the health benefits of organic food and know how healthy organic food is.

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