Hashimoto’s Disease And Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Hashimoto is a type of thyroid disease. It is a very common disease but it is very dangerous too. It is also known as Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Thyroid is a problem from which most of the people are suffering. This disease is mostly found in women as compared to men.

The women who are pregnant can mostly suffer this disease. It can be caused due to a low immune system. If your immunity system is not strong and healthy then it will directly suffer your thyroid. As the name suggests, this disease is caused in your neck which is called thyroid.

Talking about the symptoms of this disease. The symptoms of this disease are very common like: constipation, Dry skin, pale skin, hoarse voice, high cholesterol, depression, lower body muscle weakness, fatigue, feeling sluggish, cold intolerance, thinning hair, irregular or heavy periods and problems with fertility and much.

You should be aware of these symptoms and never ignore these symptoms as they can cause big problems to you from which you have to suffer in future. If you will feel any symptom among them then you should definitely go to your doctor to know the reason behind it.

If you will not be aware of this problem then it can cause more problems for you like goitre. It can cause you a very dangerous problem. It is really a very big and painful disease.


1. This disease can also be caused due to your genes. If your family members have suffered or are suffering from this disease then it can also cause you too due to the transfer of genes.

2. As you know that when you grow up there are many types of hormonal changes taking place in your body especially in women. So, due to the hormonal changes, it may cause the Hashimoto disease.

3. If you are a person who consumes drugs and a lot of iodine then this disease can easily cause you and later it can also become very much serious. If you want to treat this problem and if you don’t want that this problem catches you then you should stop consuming drugs and iodine in an excess amount.

4. If your immunity system is not healthy and strong then it will directly affect your thyroid and will cause this disease to you. You should keep your immunity system very much healthy so that your body will become healthy and you will stay away from any type of diseases.


1. You should consume nutritious foods to treat this disease. Nutrition is very important. You should consume nutrients as much as you can.

Nutritional things will make your body healthy and will help you in getting rid of these diseases. You should consume foods like soya, vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower etc.

2. If you are suffering from thyroid disease, then do not ever try to solve or treat this problem by your own methods. It is very important that you should go to your doctor and take advice from them.

If you have a normal disease then it will become normal in some time but if it is not normal then it is very important that you should follow all the medication prescribed by your doctor.

You should take the advice from your doctor about the time to take the medication and also be careful about the diet you are consuming.

In this way, you will easily be able to treat this disease, you just have to be careful about this disease and treat it by taking the advice from your doctor.

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