Grapeseed Oil – Health & Beauty Benefits

Grape seed Oil

For over 6000 years, grapeseed oil has been a vital by-product of the winemaking industry. It is extracted from grape seed while making wine. Studies have shown that it has many health and beauty benefits thanks to its anti-cancer and cardioprotective properties.

Here are the possible benefits of grapeseed oil on health: 
1. Promotes heart health 
Studies have shown that grapeseed oil has high levels of omega 6 fatty acids, that keep the heart-healthy.
2. Possible help in sexual health
Studies have shown that this oil proanthocyanidin that helps improve vaginal flow,  in turn promoting sexual health
3. Great source of Vitamin E
It is a rich source of vitamin E, which acts as a fat-soluble agent and thus preventing the damage of free radicals resulting in cancer or other chronic diseases.
4. Aromatherapy
Grapeseed works as the best oil to massage with, thus making it suitable for aromatherapy. It works as a great carrier for aromatherapy massage.
Grapeseed oil for Beauty  ( hair & skin)
For Skin:
1. Works as a makeup remover
2. Works as a toner
3. Heals acne
4. Works as a skin lightened
5. Works as a skin moisturizer.
For Hair:
1. Helps in growth of longer and stronger hair
2. Helps fight dandruff, thereby promoting hair growth
3. Works as a hair softener, without making it greasy and oily.
4. Helps in moisture retention in hair
5. Treats dry scalp, and also helps tame frizzy hair.

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