Ghost Of Tsushima Gameplay

Ghost Of Tsushima Gameplay

The open-world games have changed tremendously over the course of time. These games have leveled up their technology, story, screenplay, and mechanics with each day.

In a world, where there is the rapid advancement of technology and a new game is introduced every other day; you probably need to pioneer a unique masterstroke that will change the gaming world.

To do so, The famous open-world game- The Ghost of Tsushima is here.

Available on both the ps4 and ps3, The Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best open-world games currently ruling the gaming world. The game is very different with regard to its mechanics and technology.

Unlike the usual open-world games, The Ghost of Tsushima will allow you to explore and combat different aspects of the game with a single weapon-Katana.

There is no “new weapon” and that is exactly what makes the game different from the rest of the open-world games.

Developed by Sucker Punch Productions that are not so new to the gaming world, be ready to go in another dimension with The Ghost of Tsushima.

You start the game as a samurai who is left all alone in Tsushima with a single MAIN WEAPON-KATANA. However, with the course of time, you are introduced to new abilities and transformations that help you survive throughout the game.

The mechanics of the gameplay are phenomenal as they go through the entire journey of transformation from Samurai to a Ghost.

The Ghost of Tsushima gameplay is unlike any other open-world game, be it transforming yourself, helping others, fighting, or exploring the majestic land of Tsushima.

You play the role of Jin Sakai, who is a respected and one of the last samurai left in Tsushima. You have to save your homeland from Mongol Invasion by hook or crook.

That might also mean you can adhere to some dirty activities if things get tough? Who knows? Play the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay to find out. The transformation of Jin Sakai to a Ghost comes in three stages of adventure and four stances.

Jin Sakai also steals resources that leads him to reflect on his actions and further goes on to assassinating people that again leads to reflections of his brutal actions.

The journey of transformation is not simple nor it requires any shortcuts. The game is promising and keeps you hooked to your chair until the very end. The gameplay needs your utmost attention, patience, and alertness.

Any slip of mind or tongue can prove to be fatal. One headshot from the bow may lead to death and any diversion from your goal will lead you to lose all your energy.

The beauty of the main combat that is Jin’s story gets hectic and will require all your attention.

You have a few other weapons that will help you learn new abilities. You can upgrade your abilities and use them to fight or win this combat.

Sounds interesting? Doesn’t it?

Spend your weekend as Jin Sakai from The Ghost of Tsushima and let us know about your experience!

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