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Foundation Makeup: 11 Tips for Complexion Perfection

Foundation Makeup

All of us love making our skin look flawless and add a touch of perfection through makeup. Makeup is considered to be art as there is a wide range of skills that important to be learned for a flawless makeup look. You can apply a perfect eye-liner and go with your favorite lipstick but if the foundation makeup goes slightly wrong, your makeup might be ruined. Your foundation will define your makeup.

Applying foundation is not a cakewalk; there are a few things you have to remember to be able to apply the foundation perfectly. Complexion can make a lot of us insecure; there are several doubts that arise when it comes to choosing and applying the right kind of foundation.

Foundation can make your skin look flawless, blemish-free, as well make it look even-toned. To be able to make your makeup look flawless, you will need a multi-pronged strategy.

Here are a few foundation tips you will need to follow for a perfect complexion:

1) Exfoliate first:

To be able to apply your foundation perfectly, you have to make sure your skin underneath is clean. To maintain healthy skin, you will have to follow a skincare routine.

Healthy skin will make the application of foundation an easier task. Exfoliate your face before applying makeup, clean your face thoroughly, and then apply the primer.

2) Apply Primer thoroughly:

Take your own time to apply primer. Use a suitable primer that will give your skin an even tone. It will help you get rid of blemishes, spots or any kind of pigmentation.

Apply the primer on your face for a few minutes thoroughly to achieve a flawless look. This will give your foundation an even base for better application.

3) Choose the Right type of foundation:

Many women are confused when it comes towards choosing the right type of foundation. There are many types of foundation such as:

  • Cream foundation- for dry skin
  • Liquid foundation- oil-free, for oily skin.
  • Tinted moisturizer- normal to dry skin
  • Stick foundation- normal to dry skin
  • Powder foundation- normal to slightly oily or dry skin.

Choose your foundation wisely. The right foundation formula can diminish flaws and imperfections, while the wrong one can mess up your makeup!

4) Find the right color for your skin:

The right or wrong color can make a lot of difference in your skin. Choosing the right color of foundation will help you apply foundation in an easier way. If the color of the foundation goes wrong, your makeup will look like a mess. Find your undertone and then go for the right color of foundation.

5) Use two shades of foundation:

Your skin color is highly influenced by the seasons and environmental changes. There can be little difference in your pigmentation within a span of a few months.

To get rid of this problem, you can use two shades of foundation to maximize potential. Choose the colors close to your complexion. You have to go for a 2:1 ratio first (2 parts one shade, 1 part the other shade). If that doesn’t work, then try a 3:1 ratio next.

6) Small Portion:

To apply foundation in a perfect way, then take the foundation in a small portion. Add more until you can cover your face with foundation flawlessly. Apply until your skin looks natural similar to your skin complexion, don’t overdo it. Don’t apply it over, so that your face does not look caked.

7) From inside to out:

Apply foundation in the center of your face where this lot of redness of blemishes. Apply just a dab of foundation on each side of your nose, and in the center of your forehead-chin, and then blend outward.

8) Don’t Rub:

Use your fingertips to apply foundation, apply foundation in a stippling motion. Just dab it slowly through your face, and avoid rubbing or wiping your face with foundation.

9) Ears:

Apply some of the foundations to your ears, as they are also part of your face. Rub a little amount of foundation on your ears especially on your lobes.

10) Use concealer when needed:

If the foundation fails to cover blemishes or red patches, only then use concealer. Dab concealer over your blemishes and dark spots to cover them thoroughly.

11) The Perfect Mirror:

To have the correct foundation and to apply the right kind of moisturizer or primer; use the right kind of lighting and a great mirror can be powerful for achieving a flawless, finished look.

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