Follow This Diet Plan to Flatten Your Tummy in Just 15 Days


The most dreaded part of the body, for anybody who aspires to lose weight, is undoubtedly the tummy. The bulging tummy takes a lot of time and effort to lose, but if done correctly it can be achieved with fewer efforts.

The problem lies not in the diet, but the timing of the meals. When coupled with exercise, the bulging tummy can be easily bounced back to shape. Follow this diet plan to flatten your tummy in just 15 days.
This plan is devised for 5 days and can be implemented in three cycles
Day 1
Morning: banana and green tea
Breakfast: Oats with fruits
Mid-morning: Few nuts
Lunch: 1 bowl dal, 1 bowl curry and 2 chapati
Snack: 1 glass buttermilk
Dinner: Grilled chicken
Day 2
Morning: Green tea and nuts
Breakfast: Banana milkshake and 3 eggs omelette
Mid-morning: Fruit bowl
Lunch: 1 bowl dal, 1 bowl curry, 1 bowl rice
Snack: Roasted peanuts ( handful)
Dinner: 1 cup dal, 1 cup curry and 1 big bowl of salad
Day 3

Morning: 1 apple with green tea

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, fruit yoghurt, 1 toast with cheese

Mid-morning: Chickpea salad

Lunch: Dal, curry, brown rice, salad

Dinner: Tomato soup and sauteed veggies

Day 4

Morning: Gooseberry with green tea

Breakfast: Gramflour pancake, mint chutney and glass buttermilk

Mid-morning: Peanut salad

Lunch: Dal, sabzi, multigrain roti, salad, yoghurt

Snack: Handful of dried fruits

Dinner: Broccoli soup with 1 multigrain toast

Day 5:

Morning: 10 almonds with green tea

Breakfast: Oats idli with sambar

Mid-morning: 1 glass buttermilk

Lunch: Dal, curry, red rice, salad

Snack: small bowl of nuts

Dinner: Lentil soup with veggies.

Apart from this, you need to-

1. Drink 2 litres of water minimum and maximum of 4 litres of water

2. Rigorously exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes

3. Do not eat anything in excess.

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