Eye Shadow Tutorial For Beginners

Eye Shadow Tutorial For Beginners

As you know that all girls like to apply Eye Shadow on their face. Even if you are a girl, you love to buy the make-up products from the market but just buying the make-up product is not enough. It is very important to apply the make-up products very carefully so that you look beautiful.

There are different ways to apply the products of beauty. You should learn first before applying any product directly on your face. There are different tutorials available on net and on you-tube so that you will get to know how to apply them.

Now, talking about the eye shadow, it is the most important and most commonly used beauty product which is mostly used by girls and women but to make it look beautiful it is very important that you should apply it carefully with the help of some tutorials if you are a beginner.

Most of the girls are not aware about applying the eye shadow. They feel that applying eye shadow is a very difficult task. But in reality, it is a very easy task to do so. Before applying the eye shadow, you should be very careful about the brushes you are using, the shade you have chosen and much more.

Here is the eyeshadow tutorial for the beginners which you should follow and then apply the eye shadow to look the pretty eyes: 

  1. Before starting to apply the eyeshadow you should use the best brushes to do so. Brushes play a very important role when you apply eyeshadow. The burhs you are using should be clean, clear and hygienic. You should buy the best brushes which should be easier to clean otherwise it can cause allergies to you. You should buy the natural fibre brushes as you will be able to clean them properly and not only this, they are also very affordable so anyone can buy them.
  2. While you are applying the eye shadow and using the brush you should apply a base eye shadow to the lid to get the idea. Base is very important as it will give you the idea how you are looking. So, you should apply a base eye shadow to a lid depending on your look and the way you are designing yourself.
  3. As you know that dark colours attract the most. So, you should apply the dark shadow in the eye crease as it looks very beautiful. If you like hooded eyes then you should definitely try this way of applying the eye shadow. Rather than using light eye shadows in the eye crease, you should apply the darker one. Light eye shadow colours are not effective and do not look pretty much.
  4. You should rim the lash lines of your eyes in the dark colour. You can also use the best waterline eyeliner to do so. You should apply the dark colour on your upper as well as lower lash lines so that your eyes will shine very brightly and look more beautiful than before. But before buying the eye liner you should be aware that it should not harm you and do not cause any type of irritation to your eyes. In this way, your eyes will look very much wider and bigger than before.
  5. You can also make your eyes look very cool by using the pretty shimmery shadow. It will brighten up your eyes. You can buy some pearly light colour eye shadows to give a brightful and beautiful look to your eyes. After applying this, you can use mascara to add some more good and cool touch.

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