Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners Step by Step Guide


Eyes are the mirror of our emotions. Indeed. Not only are they mirror of our emotions, but also can up our make up game manifold, if done in the right way. Eye make up requires a bit of mentorship as it can make or break your look in a jiffy. It’s important yet tricky to get a perfectly made-up eye, that adds oomph to your look like nothing else does.

There are a lot of tricks in the book for getting those perfectly made-up eyes. But perfect eye makes up requires a step by step guide to attaining those dreamy eyes. Here is Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners Step by Step Guide
General Guidelines:
  1. Wash your eyes clean, and pat them dry completely. As even little moisture can ruin the look.
  2. Be sure of the products used are of good quality, as a slight change in the quality can cause irritation to your sensitive eyes.
  3. Choose the makeup according to the purpose. Either heavy or light, we have to decide based on the occasion

Here is Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners Step by Step Guide 

1. Eyeliner 
  • The primary accessory required for eye makeup is eyeliner. Be it liquid or not, a sharp eyeliner adds beauty to the eyelashes, making it look natural.
  • Gently place eyeliner dots across your eyelid. The thickness must be that of what you desire your eyeliner to be.
  • Join all the dots, with one stroke carefully
  • You may extend the eyeliner as a winged eyeliner to add extra style to the look.
2. Eye shadow
  • Begin with applying a primer
  • Start with a neutral shade of eye shadow or white shade most preferably.
  • Now, start from the edges of your eyes and move towards the innermost corner by applying gentle strokes of your preferred eyeshadow
  • Blend in another hue, for that perfect finish, with gentle strokes.
  • The eye shadow might make it’s way to the bottom of the eyes, while application, so makes sure to dust off the extra eye shadow with a brush, and later add some powder for a clean look.
  • Begin with tweezing/threading your brows according to your liking or your face shape.
  • Once the desired shape is achieved, there is not much left to do.
  • Just highlight your brows with a highlighter below your eyes to give a deep look.
  • To get a lump-free and smooth mascara, roll the bottle in your hand and apply it after shaking.
  • Apply the mascara, by starting from the tips of the eyelashes to the end. Move the mascara to right and left for attaining that perfect separate eyelash.
  • Finish off the look by giving a final stroke to the eyelashes.

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