Everyday Symbols People Don’t Know Actually Mean Something !

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The modern world around us is inundated with tons of gizmos and gadgets to help us out in specific situations. Walking along a city street, for example, there are hundreds upon hundreds of signs and symbols to guide us through life, but do we really pay attention to them all? Believe it or not, we are surrounded by objects or symbols that mean something, but almost no one knows their true meaning or just never considered thinking about it.

Let’s take a look at 12 everyday symbols that have meaning behind them.


1. Did you know that the pink part of the text in the Baskin Robbins logo spells out “31”?

That’s the number of flavors they offer!

2. The portrait of Abraham Lincoln was designed by Victor David Brenner and every penny struck after 1918 has his initials on the bottom. 

You just have to look at the tiny print on the edge where the red arrow is pointing.

 3. If you look closely, the logo for Toblerone chocolate bars has a hidden bear in it!

The name also has “Berne” in it, the town in Switzerland where they are made.


4. You probably never thought about it, but the spikes on Lady Liberty’s crown have a special significance.

The seven spikes on the Statue of Liberty’s crown represent the seven continents on Earth.

5. Do you know that little arrow on the gas gauge in your vehicle?

It points to the side of your car that your gas cap is on.


6. Do you know that interesting striped pole found on the outside of some barbershops?

The red stripe actually represents blood.

Barbers used to do a lot more than just cut hair. They used to perform a controversial practice known as bloodletting and also performed certain surgeries.

The red stripe is thought to symbolize bloody bandages.7. While not technically a symbol, the tag on your bread at the grocery store can tell you a lot about the freshness of your bread.
I don’t mean that it just tells you the expiry date, either.

The color of the tag actually tells you what day of the week it was freshly shipped.

You can keep that little secret with you the next time you pick up a loaf.8. Ever wonder why the ‘pause’ symbol is two parallel lines?
In music, this symbol is called a caesura, which indicates a — waits for it — pauses.

9. Talk about one of the more confusing symbols, where did the USB symbol come from?

It actually represents Neptune’s Trident named Dreizack, but also uses the shapes of triangle, circle, and square to represent the types of connections that can be made with a USB device.

10. See the hidden symbol in the Hershey Kisses logo?

If you look closely between the ‘K’ and ‘I’ in ‘Kisses’ you will notice that there is a hidden Hershey Kiss! Whoaaaaaaaa.

11. Now this one is my favorite. Check out this logo for Yoga Australia.

Notice anything interesting? You got it! You can see Australia in the outline of her stretch!

12. That little black diamond on a tape measure?

It allows those doing construction to evenly split an eight-foot piece of material into five segments for underlying support (trusses).

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