Easy Tips To Prevent Face Mask Related Acne

Easy Tips To Prevent Face Mask Related Acne

As we know that in this current pandemic, it is very important for all of you to wear face masks. On one hand, face masks protect you from the covid-19 but on the other hand, it is affecting your skin also.

Face masks can also be hard to your skin. They can give rise to different types of skin problems like acne, pimples etc and can also lead to rashes on your face. So, it is necessary that you should protect your face from getting damaged due to face masks.

Here are some of the easy tips and ways by which you can easily prevent face masks related acne or other skin problems:

  1. You should cleanse and moisturize your skin daily. You should wash your face twice or thrice a day so that dust can be removed from your face. Also, it is very important that you should moisturize your face as dry skin can also cause acne and pimples on your face. After coming home, you should wash your face properly and apply a gel or a moisturizer so that the mask will not create any side effects on your face.


  1. While you wear the mask, your lips are fully covered with the mask so it is very important to protect your lips. Wearing a mask may cause dry and chapped lips so you should apply petroleum jelly to protect them. Apply petroleum jelly on your lips at least twice a day especially before going to bed so that your lips will get moisturized and soft.


  1. As we know that now you have to wear the mask while going outside so you should try to avoid applying make-up on your face. It may clog your pores if you apply make-up and wear the mask which can lead to skin problems. And if it is necessary for you to apply make-up then just apply the make-up containing “non-comedogenic” or “won’t clog pores” as they do not cause much to your skin.


  1. Always apply the skin care products which you are currently using. Do not try the new skin care products as they may irritate your skin. If you apply a new product on your skin and wear the mask then it may cause irritation to your skin. Also, be aware that while buying the products you should search for the ingredients of them so that you will be safe from applying harsh products on your skin.


  1. It is very important to know that if you are facing any kind of irritation when you apply anything on your skin then you should avoid that. It may cause irritation on your skin. If you will continue to do so then it may damage your skin and can cause acne or any other type of skin problems.


  1. You should wear the right type of mask. If your mask is very thick and not comfortable to you then it may damage your skin. Your mask should be soft, comfortable, natural and breathable. It should fit your face perfectly and the fabric of your mask should be as soft as your skin so that you will not feel irritated.


  1. You should take at least a 15 minutes mask break after every 4 hours. If you will continue wearing the mask for more than 4 hours then it may cause irritation and rashes on your skin. After every 4 hours, search for a safe place and take a short mask break. You can do this in your car or at your home.


  1. Most important thing is that you should wash your cloth masks. Do not continue wearing the same mask regularly. If you will wash your face mask It will remove all the germs, dust, oils and dead skin cells stuck to your mask. You should wash your mask with the hot water and with the help of the fragrant detergent.


  1. If you are suffering from any type of skin problems like acne, pimples etc. and your medications are going on then you should continue doing that so that it may increase if you will wear the mask without having your medications.

So, these are some of the ways and tips which will help you to prevent face masks related acne and other skin problems.

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