Easy Braided Crochet Stitches You Must Learn at Any Cost


Crochet is a type of knitting that is done by yarn with the help of needle hooks. The needle hooks that are used to stitch crochet are called as ‘shepherd hooks’ or ‘crochet hooks’. Shepherd hooks are small hooks that are made up of various materials such as metal, wood, bamboo, and plastic.

These hooks are used to make different types of crochet by interlocking loops of diverse kinds of yarn. This is used to make many pillow covers, blankets, and crafted clothes.

This was said to be practiced traditionally by the peasants of Scotland during the 19th century. However, the 21st century witnessed the emergence of simple and amazing DIYs of making crochet.

It not only saw the revival of different types of crochet but also witnessed the quality of yarn. This led to many simple yet incredible types to trend worldwide.

However, here are a few types of braided crochet you can learn in easy ways:

Ø The basic braided crochet:

This is one of the easiest types of braided crochet that involves a few simple steps.

§ Foundation row- chain multiple types of stitches.

· 1st row- slip stitch the first 3 chains and extend each double needle at each end of the row. Then turn.

· 2nd row- chain 1; slip stitch through the middle loop only towards half double crochet.

· 3rd row- chain 3, extend the half double needle in front loop of slip. Turn.

Repeat the 2nd and 3rd rows to make a pattern. Go on to make the same pattern and lo! You have made the braided crochet in an incredible way.

Ø Structural- Soft Stitch:

This is another type of beautiful braided crochet that is simple and easy to knit.

Knitting this type  needs some crochet hooks and needles. Begin with a chain that is multiple of 2.

To make the structural soft stitch, make double crochet stitches, puffs, and chains. The difference in this type of stitch is the work on your puffs.

Repeat the same pattern and lo! You have one soft structural stitch crochet that can be used as bags, pillow covers, and blankets.

Some of the other braided crochet stitch you can learn are:

  • Aspen stitch
  • Zigzag stitch
  • Round up
  • Little shells stitch
  • Star stitch
  • Elastic stitch

These stitches are usually made with a different kind of double crochet stitches and puff stitches. You can easily make these by stitching puffs in various ways and patterns.

A simple change in patterns of double crochets, extend half double crochets and puffs.

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