DIY Skin Toner Recipes for Oily, Dry and Normal Skin

Skin Toner For Dry Oily Skin

DIY Skin Toner Recipes for Oily, Dry and Normal Skin

DIY Skin Toner:

Skin Toner is nothing but one kind of Lotion which includes of normal water and some essential natural oils and some natural skin ingredients and cosmetics like lactic acids and alcohols and some vitamins.  The Toner is used for fighting the acne and depending on aging. And also it will make healthy. And it also refreshes their skin when it is dull and dry. With the help of all ingredients toner will prepared. In the field of cosmetic the skin toner will made by lotion designed to cleanse the skin and it remove the appearance of the open pores, usually used on the face. The DIY Skin Toners will be applied on the skin in the various ways. Mostly people known toners are 3. those are very popular in now days that too day by day how technology is increasing the cosmetics field also increasing. The types of Toners are Skin fresheners, Skin tonics and Astringents. These toners will use for various condition of weather and various types of skins. For the skin fresheners contain water and glycerine and keep the moisture in the upper layers by preventing it from evaporating. For the Skin fresheners Rose water is the best product in the market. This is the mildest form of toner any type of skin can use. Astringent is also one type of strongest toner. Astringent contains chemical products like antiseptic ingredients, water, and alcohol. This will be irritating on the skin because of the reason is chemical base.  Due to the changes of weather application of the toner is must and should but some of people are using this for makeup removal. The Toner will use with damping the cotton wool and applying on the skin or face with toner and left for a few minutes and rinse with normal water. This is the most frequently used method. If we can’t check the toner properly on the condition of our skin type may cause some irritation to the skin if never used before. after using this kind of toner must and should apply the moisturised. DIY Skin recipes will make your break and ugly dry dry skin the bank for gorgeous skin that too naturally.    

DIY Skin Toner Recipes for Oily Skin:

Rosewater and Camphor Toner:

Needed Ingredients:

  • Camphor  — 1 tablespoon
  • Rosewater  — 4 tablespoon

Procedure :

All the ingredients mix well. The ingredients that 1 tablespoon of camphor and 4 tablespoons of rose water. Mix it well it makes a solution and apply this solution on the face and leave it for 15 times. And wash it with lukewarm water. This is the homemade toner for oily skin. Camphor is the organic Product is used in body lotions, skin creams such a kind of ointments. Camphor will be used for relieving chest congestion and inflammatory conditions.

DIY Skin Toner Recipes for Dry Skin:

Chamomile  Oil Toner for Dry Skin:

Ingredients Required:

  • Rice water  — 100
  •  Chamomile Oil  — 1 tablespoon
  • Rosewater  — 100 ml
  • Germanium oil  — 1 tablespoon

Procedure  :

Take a mixing bowl and pour rice water, and chamomile oil, and rose water, and Germanium oil mix together. After mixing all the ingredients well take a spray bottle and pour this mixture in the spray bottle and shake well. After that whenever you need to apply this as a toner on the face daily.

DIY Skin Toner Recipes for Normal Skin

Needed Ingredients for Green Tea Toner:

  • Cucumber Juice  — 1 cup
  • Green tea  — 1/2 cups
  • Vodka  — 1 tablespoon


Take fresh Cucumber Juice in a mixing bowl and add boiled and cold Green Tea and then add vodka. Shake or mix this well then put in the sprayer or a glass jar and finally store this. apply this toner whenever you want.

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