Difference Between Muesli And Granola You Need To Know

Difference Between Muesli And Granola You Need To Know

Muesli and granola both are oat-based cereals. They are having a lot of nutritional qualities and supplements. Muesli is the mixture of dried fruits, oats, nuts an on the other hand, granola is also the mixture of the same but the difference is granola contains oil and sweetener also. Muesli does not contain any type of oil or sweetener.

The serving size of muesli is generally larger than that of granola i.e. muesli (28-56 grams) and granola (43-65 grams). Granola contains higher calorie than muesli.

Muesli & granola both have very good nutritional value and they are healthy for your health both are having some downsides i.e. high sugar available in granola and anti-nutrients are present in muesli i.e. phytic acid as it contains zinc.

It is very important for you to read the ingredients present in muesli and granola as it may happens that muesli also contains some sweet substance in it.

Muesli & granola are very healthy and provide a lot of health benefits. They both should be used as a healthy breakfast option.

Granola has higher calories than that of muesli so, it should be consumed carefully especially by the diabetes person.

The main difference is that granola is basically baked and muesli is unbaked i.e. it is raw without any type of oil.

Muesli and granola are very similar to each. They are not so different from each other. The only difference is the process of cooking them. One is baked and other is raw. Otherwise, both are healthy and good breakfast option. Both provide have very very good equal health benefits to all.

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