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Dialysis: Top 5 Side Effects to Kidney Disease Patients

Dialysis and its Side Effects -

Many people are not at all aware of the word dialysis. As you know, the kidney is the main part of your body, as it works as a filter for your body and helps in removing all the waste and toxins from your body. Not only this, but the kidneys also help remove all the excess fluid from your body. And lots of people suffer from kidney disease.

Now, dialysis is the same as a kidney, i.e., it works as a kidney if your kidney fails. Many people are facing this problem, and all those people have faced the failure of their kidneys. Dialysis is a type of treatment that will filter and purify all the blood inside your body. If you are suffering from a problem related to your kidney then dialysis is the best treatment for that disease.

Now, dialysis is used only because many people are suffering from kidney disease, and it is very important for the filtering of the body and removing all the waste material from your body. If you are suffering from any such disease, then it is very important to get treatment so that your body will work normally until your treatment is done.

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There are many types of dialysis, like:


This dialysis is known as Hemodialysis in which an artificial kidney is used in the body to remove all the excess fluids and all the waste material from your body. This treatment is performed in the hospital and is done three times a week.


It is a type of surgery in which a catheter is implanted into your abdomen to work as a kidney. This dialysis will also work the same as a kidney and helps you in removing all the waste material from your body.


This type of treatment is basically done with the people who are facing the problem of acute kidney failure. This dialysis will pass the blood in your body with the help of the tube and with the help of that tube you will be able to remove all toxins from your body.

Dialysis is a very much expensive treatment and even time-consuming too. If you do not want to go with this treatment then, there are other treatments also which are available which you can go for. Like: you can for the new kidney transplant and many more. You can go for this treatment until your kidneys start working as they did before.

Now, there are many side effects that can be caused due to the treatment of dialysis to the kidney disease patients like:

1. You can feel tired and exhausted once you start your treatment if you are suffering from kidney disease. There can be many types of changes that you can feel while you go for this treatment. It may create problems for you as you do not have your natural and normal kidney so it may cause some changes to you in performing the work as the normal kidney.

2. It may also lead to a decrease in the level of blood pressure. It is a very common side effect that is caused by most people suffering from kidney disease while going through the treatment of dialysis.

3. You will feel like your skin has become itchy. There is some kind of itchiness in your skin. If you feel any type of symptom like this, then you should start cleaning your skin and moisturizing it on time.

4. You may also feel some kind of pain and muscle cramps in your lower leg. You can just consume some medicine for that after consulting your doctor.

5. Also, you will feel some kind of difficulty sleeping. You may stay asleep while going through this treatment.

So, these are some of the side effects which can be caused by kidney disease patients while going through the treatment of dialysis.

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