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The most practiced hobby of the pandemic 2020 is ‘cooking’. Indeed, it is one of the hobbies you can practice all alone or with your loved ones; to experiment with your skills with some ‘damn delicious recipes’.

I’m sure as the quarantine seems to get extended each month and as the pandemic-2020 does not seem to end, all of us have picked up some hobbies.

If you are searching for some easy delicious recipes, you should definitely visit the ‘Damn Delicious’ blog. You might have already heard about the ‘damn delicious’ blog that is run by Chungah Rhee.

Chungah Rhee is one of the most popular chefs who runs the widely famous blog ‘Damn Delicious’. I’m very sure you would not want to regret missing some of her lip-smacking recipes!

Here a few recipes from damn delicious those stand as our personal favorites: ( You can find all the recipes of the following on her blog)

1) The lemon butter chicken:

The name of this recipe itself will trigger your taste buds. Doesn’t it? The lemon butter chicken is one of the most popular recipes from the ‘Damn Delicious’ blog.

This dish requires some pepper, broth, skin-on; bone-in chicken, finely chopped spinach, lemon, and parmesan along with the cream. The process is comparatively easy and turns out to be delicious.

The butter, heavy cream, and roasted chicken will melt in your mouth and make you go for more. So if you are a non-vegetarian and love trying out new recipes, you must not miss this. You can find the entire recipe on her blog.

2) Sesame chicken bowls:

This Asian recipe is one of our personal favorites. If you are craving something damn delicious then you can go for this one without any doubt. Some of the amazing ingredients of this recipe are- chicken stock, marmalade, sesame seeds, pepper, corn starch, rice wine vinegar, and basmati rice.

The dish is served with rice and broccoli and with grated onion. The chicken that is whisked with orange juice, the marmalade will make you try this recipe again and again.

You must not miss out on this recipe if you want to try something different with your regular ingredients.

3) Instant pot chicken alfredo:

If you are in for a quick quarantine recipe for dinner then the ‘instant pot chicken alfredo’ is just for you. It has some simple ingredients like pasta, boneless chicken, chicken stock, cream, and parmesan.

This recipe is easy to make and will also make you feel full for longer periods of time.

The melted parmesan and the pasta dripping in cream along with chicken stock will make you lick your forks too. So if you love pasta and chicken, then this recipe is just perfect.

4) Carne asada:

This is one of the most popular and most tried recipes from the ‘Damn Delicious’ blog. The carne asada has some simple and regular ingredients like olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, flank steak, and jalapenos. The dish is very to make and tastes amazing.

The steak is grilled and is served with a cilantro leaves mixture. If you are searching for a different yet lip-smacking dish, then Carne Asada must be your perfect go-to!

5) Breakfast biscuit sandwiches:

This recipe from Chungah Rhee is considered to be an amazing breakfast recipe. It is simple and the perfect breakfast recipe you can go for. Some of the ingredients used to make this dish are bacon, butter cheese, and pepper for the sandwiches.

The biscuits are made with kosher salt, all-purpose flour, baking soda, and buttermilk. The breakfast is comparatively delicious and takes less than 30 minutes to be ready. So if you are looking for a damn delicious breakfast on weekends, this is your recipe!

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