China Confirms 41 Deaths As Coronavirus Spreads To Various Countries

China Confirms 41 Deaths As Coronavirus Spreads

There has been a lot written and seen about the latest virus that has gripped many people and taken several lives in China. The latest is China confirms 41 deaths as coronavirus spreads to various countries. Quite a fast-spreading virus, that has claimed many lives in China and reports claim that at least 1372 people are infected by this.

China has started taking all the preventive measures that it can, to avoid further infections among people by expanding travel restrictions to almost 56 million people and more than a dozen cities. This is solely done, as to prevent any additional infections, as the travel expands by leaps and bounds during Lunar New Year.
The latest is, the pandemic has spread to France, Australia, seven Asian countries. China’s ride-hailing service Didi has been put to halt the interstate services to and from Beijing.
Beijing confirms 1372 cases of Coronavirus, the state broadcaster reported just a few hours ago. China has also planned to suspend all domestic and overseas group tours so as to contain the coronavirus.
What exactly is coronavirus?
Though the origin of Coronavirus is not known, it gets its name from its crown-like shape. It is categorized as an upper tract respiratory infection which is similar to common cold and flu. The symptoms are runny nose, sore throat,  coughing and sometimes a fever. This can prove a difficult task to differentiate between coronavirus and the common cold.
How does it spread?
It spreads just like a common cold. By touching the infected person, sneezing, coughing, etc. A few lab tests can determine whether the cold and fever are due to coronavirus, but the treatment of common cold and cold caused by coronavirus remains the same. Precautionary measures are washing your hands, avoiding contact with infected persons and building stronger immunity.

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