Can You Get A Sore Throat With Hay Fever?

Sore Throat

Sore throat is one of the most common ailments which people these days suffer from. It can be caused by smoking, inhaling the polluted air, cold, allergy and many other reasons. But can we get a sore throat from hay fever?

Many questions arise in mind when we get this problem as it is a symptom of many diseases. One major question which we are going to answer in this question is the relation between hay fever and sore throat.

Before we know about the symptoms of hay fever, it is very important for us to gather some more information regarding hay fever.

What is hay fever?

Hay Fever is also known as Allergic Rhinitis.

Hay fever is an allergic response to pollens and dust particles which cause severe itching. Some of the common symptoms of hay fever include watery eyes and running nose as it causes severe inflammation of the nose and eyes.

You might also go on sneezing the whole day, so you see most of the symptoms of hay fever are similar to the common cold.

It is a seasonal disease that can also occur at any time of the year. If you want to make sure whether you are suffering from hay fever or not, you can diagnose it on your own. But medical diagnosis includes an examination of the nasal passage and examination of the skin as well.

One of the medicines which are really helpful in treating the symptoms is an antihistamine. According to medical surveys, hay fever is self-treatable and does not require any special medical assistance.

Since now we are well aware of the hay fever, let us know whether the sore throat is related to the hay fever or not.

Sore throat is one of the major causes of allergy driven inflammations.

However, there is a major difference between the sore throat caused by a regular cold, and caused due to allergy driven hay fever.

When you are suffering from a sore throat, you often take a dose of a throat lozenge, which turns out to be really helpful. But that is only if the sore throat is not due to a severe allergy or you can say hay fever.

If you are suffering from it for more than a week now, and you have already tried a whole bunch of ways to eradicate it, you now need to worry. Hay fever causes sore throat which can actually persist for many days; it is caused basically due to the postnasal drip.

Now, you must be wondering what this postnasal drip is, as we all know the nose and the neck are connected. (You must be visiting the ENT specialist for your nasal problems?).

When the nasal congestion which has several allergens attached to it, drips down your throat, the throat comes in contact with these allergens leading to your sore throat condition.

Mostly the hay fever is caused seasonally, but if you are witnessing sore throat all around the year then you must take serious precautions in the seasons as your condition might get worsen.

Most of the allergens which cause hay fever and consequently, sore throat are:

1. Dust mites
2. If you have a pet dog then you must be taken precautions against the pet dander which are usually found in dogs and cats.
3. Smoking agents

Now since we know that hay fever can actually cause sore throat. One question that might be tinkering in your mind would be how do we know that our problem is actually due to the allergy and not cold without waiting for weeks to decide that?

I have a solution to that too. If you wish to determine whether your sore throat is an allergy-induced sore throat, you must look for some other symptoms like scratchiness.

If you are having a high fever and sore throat then you can actually believe the fact that you are suffering from cold or flu.

Now you are already sure about the problem caused by hay fever, why not discuss the various ways with which you can treat it?

As you all must have heard, prevention is better than the cure, why don’t we apply it to our daily lives?

Stay away from the pet dander and cigarette.

Try keeping away from the various allergens by wearing masks when you go out.

Now, what if we have already got hay fever? We cannot implement our rule of prevention is better than cure here, so we have to take some medications.
The antihistamines are one very important savior in the condition of hay fever.

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