7 Things to Remember When You buy Sunscreen


Sunscreens are a must-have. Especially when you are more likely to experience unpredictable heatwaves in such a harsh summer. Sunscreens are designed to protect your skin from any kind of sun damage and UV rays.

Therefore, here are some things you should keep in mind before buying a sunscreen:

1) SPF:

It is important to see the amount of SPF present in the sunscreen. The Sun Protective Factor helps in protects your skin from UV damage. Look for a sunscreen with SPF between 15-30 as this defines how much the SPF will prevent UV rays reaching your skin. Also, go for sunscreens that are termed as ‘broad-spectrum protection’ and ‘UVA protection’.

2) The Ingredients:

Although, it is the natural human tendency to check out the ingredients of the product, many of us tend to ignore the types of ingredients present in cosmetic or skin products. While buying a sunscreen, always go for the ones that have ecamsule, oxybenzone, bematrinizoll, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Mae sure the sunscreens do not contain huge amounts of titanium oxide or zinc oxides too. Apart from these, do not go for sunscreens that have retinol and vitamin A.

3) Consider your skin type

Even though skin types do not make much of a difference, yet make sure you choose sunscreen gels if you have oily skin. Go for the sunscreen cream if you have a dry or mixed skin type. Choosing a diverse sunscreen than your skin type might make your sin loo greasy and make you uncomfortable.

4) Dark Skin needs sunscreens too!

Although having dark skin indicates a large amount of melanin present in your skin, still you will need sunscreen. It is a myth that people with darker skin can use sunscreens with low amounts of SPF as their skins are natural sources of SPF. Make sure you still go for sunscreens with SPF between 15-30.

5) Sunscreen lotions and creams:

Always go for a sunscreen lotion if you are going to apply it to your body whereas sunscreen cream is recommended for the face.

6) Water-resistant:

If you frequently come in contact with water, make sure you go for the water-resistant sunscreens than the regular ones. This will help in protecting your skin from damage even in water.

7) Price:

Some of the sunscreens may be expensive but still, that should not be an excuse for you to be careless about your skin. There are several sunscreens that are affordable and are in fact top-rated. Go for the sunscreens irrespective of their prices and be polite to your skin.

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