Best Hair Remover Tips That Every Woman Need To Know


There are a lot of tips and tricks for hair removal, some work and some do not. There is equally large number of shaving techniques too, out of which few are effective. In such a scenario, when there are too many hair removal techniques to choose from, we have to opt for the most effective yet useful tips of them all.

Here we present your Best Hair Remover Tips that Every Woman needs to know.
1. Replace the razor
Once you have chosen to shave off the hair with a razor, be mindful if the razor is ‘ disposable ‘. If it is so, it is better to dispose of it after three uses, and in no circumstances should the razor be overused as the blades lose their sharpness, and thus may require greater force to pull off the hair. This can damage the hair cuticles and thus must be avoided.
2. Shave downward and then upward
Time and again this tip have been stressed upon. Start by shaving downwards first and then upwards. You may not follow this diligently, but if you have sensitive skin, you will find this tip really helpful.
3. Steer clear of scars/ wounds
Be sure of not having any wounds or scars as those may create further injuries while shaving off. Such injuries can be prone to fungal infections and bacterial too. To avoid worsening the situation, always be sure to be free from any scars or wounds before sliding off that razor.
4. Use conditioner
If you ever run out of shaving lotions or hair removal creams, the humble conditioner bottle stacked on your shelf can easily do the job. Just dab a few drops of conditioner and spread it on the desired area. Slide the razor over it for effortless hair removal.
5. Different methods for different parts
Hair removal techniques for various body parts differ according to the need and sensitivity of those parts. Like for eyebrows, tweezers or threading is most ideal. For upper lips, threading is most preferred. For hands and legs, waxing or razors have opted. And for the bikini area, waxing is advised, as running a razor down there can lead to uncomfortable growth of hair that is not mostly liked by women.
6. Moisturize
This has to be one of the final steps in hair removal regimen, is moisturizing the area thoroughly Ideally a moisturizer must be rubbed upon generously for retaining the softness of the skin. But coconut oil can also work wonders, as it can heal the scratches or cuts that are formed while using razor while retaining skin moisture too.

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