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Benefits Of Onion On Skin | Apply Onions On Neck Before Going To Bed

Benefits Of Onion On Skin

Yes! You heard that right; you can apply onions on your neck. Sounds weird, isn’t it? However, let me tell you the benefits of onion on skin.

From maintaining hormonal balance to giving you healthy hair, onions can do it all. But what is the connection between onions and your neck here?

You will be surprised to know how onions can work like magic for thyroid problems and even for skin infections.

Who would thought that kitchen ingredient like an onion which can give your mouth a bad odor can reap so many benefits?

Onions are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents along with other ingredients that can control your hormonal levels.

One such important benefit of rubbing onions on your neck is that it can help you get rid of thyroid issues.

It was long known and very popular back in the day, how onions can give you flawless skin and help you cure hormonal disorders.

However, recent studies show that there can possibly be a link between onions and the process of stimulating the function of the thyroid gland.

Onions can even help in preventing any type of cancers. Onion has so many health benefits.

It can help you clean your skin; it kills bacteria and it can do wonders for your blood.

Onions are good to stimulate your thyroid glands and help in getting rid of the deficiencies. Onions contain two different goitrogens: quercetin and propyl disulfide.

Quercetin reduces the activity of thyroperoxidase as well as the activity of a second enzyme — hepatic deiodinase — a liver enzyme required to activate the thyroid hormone.

What to do:

Step 1:

Cut the onion in two halves. Let it be raw and let the juice ooze out.

Step 2:

Then rub your onion in a circular motion onto the area of your thyroid.

Step 3:

Leave the juice on your neck overnight. This will help in improving the function of the thyroid to a lot of extents. Apart from this, if you want to prevent any kind of skin problems and infections.

You can consider rubbing onions on your face and neck too.
Onions are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Therefore they can prevent any kind of skin infection.

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