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Beard Styles: 10 Trending Facial Hairstyles For Men 2021


Men love their beard very much and as you know that now there is a trend to maintain the look of the beard for men. Beard also plays a very important in the hygiene of men

There are many beard styles which many of the men try to give them a new and different look.

Here are some of the best trending hairstyles for the beard of men 2021:

1. ROYAL BEARD: There is a great trend of having a royal beard in men nowadays. This means they have the look like the kings or you can say like professionals. This type of beard is very good for men.

2. GOATEE FACIAL HAIR LOOK: This look is very common in men nowadays which is called a goatee look of a beard. It will give you a very classy and trendy look on your face. When you keep your beard only on your chin is called a goatee beard look.

3. CHEVRON FACIAL LOOK: This look is also very famous and trending nowadays where a person only keeps a moustache on their face, nothing more than that.

4. STUBBLE HAIRS: This type of hairstyle or the beard look is very much good for men as it will make them more handsome. This hairstyle is also available with the name long stubble where men used to keep some bigger hairs on your face and their mouth.

Here the stubble beard means when men used to keep very small hairs on their face.

5. HORSESHOE MOUSTACHE: As the name suggests, in this beard look, men used to keep the moustache like a horseshoe. It is also a very common beard look that every man used to try and it is very much trending nowadays.

6. MUTTON CHOPS HAIRCUT: It is also a very trending beard look nowadays where you have to leave the area of your chin and cover all your area of cheeks and mouth with the beard except the area of the chin.

7. CHIN STRAP BEARD: As the name suggests, this beard look is most common in the people who are Muslims where your beard is like a strap from your left cheek to your chin and right cheek but not on your mouth.

8. LUMBERJACK BEARD: This is the most common and most trending beard look where people used to keep the very long beard with the curly hairs are long to their neck. It is best for people who are above the age of 50.

9. PENCIL STYLE BEARD: This beard look is very thin, the same as a pencil. This is also a very trending beard look which is very much thin and unique. This is of two types: In the first look, men used to keep the pencil style look to their beard and in the other one, men used to keep the pencil style look moustache.

10. WARRIOR BEARD STYLE: As the name suggests, it will give you a warrior look if you will go for it. This look is very much trending nowadays and it will give you a very classy and blue-blooded warrior look.

So, these are some of the trending looks for men for 2021 which you can try and change your look.

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