Ayurvedic Hair Care: Top 4 Remedies for Thick Hair Growth


Whether you are a man or woman, you would surely like to have decent volume of hair on head. But due to various reasons such as hectic lifestyle, eating habits and obesity, hair woes are on the rise. Do you want to get rid of hair loss problem? If yes, then you need to look for Ayurvedic hair care. Ayurveda is an ancient science of herbal medicines and known to deliver results.

1 – Do You Enjoy Oil Massage on Head?

If your answer to above asked question is a big no, you are likely to keep dealing with hair issues. If you want to make your hair grow faster, thicker and stronger than ever before, you first need to understand the importance of hair oil massages. You need to make the roots of hair stronger and you need to rely on the benefits of ayurvedic hair care oil massages. If you massage your scalp with hair oil regularly, you are likely to make the blood flow which stimulates hair growth.

2 – Use Natural Shampoo

Start using natural replacements of contemporary shampoos. It is a fact that before the advent of modern-day shampoos, people used organic stuffs such as shikakai, soap nut or reetha, hibiscus flowers, amla, black mud, lemon peels, fenugreek seeds, orange peels, henna powder, and lentil flours for hair growth. So, if you want to grow your hair naturally you might want to stop using shampoos equipped with chemicals and seek out natural shampoo. There are many organic stores that have options in this category of hair care. It is difficult to start a new quickly but remember change is an evitable part of life so be bold and go natural.

3 – Don’t Use Chemical Dye, Instead Use Henna

If you are looking natural remedies to regrow your lost hair, you need to look at nowhere else but henna. Obviously, henna is among the top 4 remedies for thick hair growth. So, if you want to unveil the benefits of Ayurvedic hair care, first need to explore the benefits of applying henna on hair. When you start using henna regularly on hair, you are likely to make your hair shinier, thicker and more attractive than ever before. Henna is not just for the palms and soles of your feet but can do lots of good for the hair as well.

4 – Mental Peace and Physical Exercise is much needed

Stress is not less than a global crisis. If you assume that you can be healthy enough even without moving, you need to get rid of this assumption. You need to understand two important factors behind hair loss i.e. mental stress and obesity. Thus, if you want to grow your hair naturally, you first need to concentrate on accomplishing mental peace and physical fitness. Start eating healthy and fresh. Studies have shown that raw foods give a healthy boast of life to the hair. Implement fitness in your regime not just for hair but overall well being as well.

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