Atkins Diet: The Ultimate Guide


As you know that keto diet is basically followed by you only if you want to lose your weight at any cost. But Atkins diet is very strict and difficult to follow.

If you want to lose your weight this start and want to start a healthy growth then you should strictly follow your keto diet.

Similarly, Atkins diet is the original version of the eating approach. These both types of diets are low-carbs diets. They help in losing the weight, make heart healthy and manage the sugar level in the body.

The Atkins diet basically contains very less amount of fat as compared to the keto’s diet. It also contains low carbs which will help you in burning your fat very easily and quickly.

It is basically known as Atkins Nutritional Approach and it is available in three versions i.e. Atkins 20, Atkins 40 and Atkins 100. You should be very careful while deciding one of the versions of the Atkins diet. While choosing atkins 100 you should be very careful and should definitely take the help of your doctor.

Atkins 20 is for the people who are suffering from two types of diabetes and the people who want to lose more than 40 pounds.

Atkins 40 is for the people who require a diet full of nutrients and who require a diet with full varieties of food. The women who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding who want to lose their weight can also go for this diet.

Atkins 100 is for the people who want to get their current weight. The women who are pregnant and want to maintain can also go for it but only after taking the advice from the doctor.

Now, in Atkins 20 you are required to get 20 grams of carbohydrates and in Atkins 40, you are required to get 40 grams of net carbohydrates.

An Atkins diet basically makes you eat a lot of healthy foods full of nutrients, fats and proteins.

Atkins 20 foods are eggs, chicken, olive oil, goat, broccoli, cucumber. Atkins 40 foods are nuts, seeds, fruits, potatoes, barley, whole-grain rice.

And atkins 100 foods are basically all types of food you eat but the maximum limit of carbs is 100 grams per day not more than that.

The entire Atkins diet is also available on the internet online so if you want then you can go through that.

There are different types of phases while you follow Atkins 20 and Atkins 40 version:

  1. In phase 1, according to your goal, you can follow this from two weeks to the months you want.
  2. In phase 2, you basically focus more on losing your weight in which you should increase the consumption of carbs daily.
  3. In phase 3, if you have achieved the goal of losing your weight then you have to maintain the same at least a month and then it is very important that you should follow the perfect diet plan after that and especially consume 80-100 grams carbs daily.

If you are a vegetarian, then you can also follow this diet without any problem. But you have to do your best and follow it strictly as it would not be possible for you to eat protein rich foods like fish etc.

While choosing for your snacks, you should be very careful. In Atkins 20, you can eat Black olives with cheddar, Crab dip with vegetables, Cucumber guacamole and Kale chips as your snacks. In Atkins 40, you can eat ¾ cup of blackberries, Greek yogurt, A slice of whole-grain toast with almond butter and Hummus.

There are many Pros and Cons of this diet:

PROS: There are many benefits of this diet. If you want to lose your weight then you should definitely go for it as it will help you in doing so. This diet is full of carbohydrates. It is a low-fat diet. This diet is very easy to follow.

CONS: By following this diet, you will not be getting a good amount of nutrients which are necessary for you. Also, you are not getting enough fibre while following this diet. This diet may also cause dehydration to you and will feel very weak.

So, you should take care while going through this diet and follow this diet after getting all the information online.

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